Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Monkey See, Monkey Do

The Denialist cult is coming to Canada, and getting into the whole Surface Stations shtick. From the comments at Climate Audit:

"I have purchased and am willing to host and donate the name to the investigation of stations in Canada. If anyone want to help identify and catalog Canadian Stations give me a holler at . I’ll be setting up the website in the next few days"

Good luck, but getting face-time with Coren or Adler is hardly the same as appearing on Rush. There is also an interesting side issue: that, if I remember correctly, the whole network was shut down for a time during the Mulroney years.

H/t to Grey Canada.


Anonymous said...

Well, the US propaganda warming machine is here so it's only natural. Funny, you neo-coms didn't complain about THAT bit of American interference coming across the border.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, anon, those neo-cons are idiots. Oh, did you write neo-coms? Not a good idea: too easy to confuse people; but of course that's what the denialists want to do, isn't it?