Saturday, August 18, 2007

Still Not Dead, Still Not Funny

I don't know why, but I wandered over here, and, lo and behold, the utterly craptacular "Kyoto's Dog Blog" is still ticking along, albeit at a slower and slower pace,with the posts down to about one a week.

A quick check at Alexa gives a profile of a blog on the fade:
So lets all give the site a traffic bump, ridicule it mercilessly, and convince the CPoC to piss away more of its ill-raised millions on a hopeless cause (instead of, for example, spending the money more usefully on some exercise equipment for Prime-Minister Doughboy).


Anonymous said...

even better

Ecofraud ?


Liberal Party of Canada Fraud.

So what does Juntos do? Well, this is a communication consulting firm run by a guy who specializes in IT work and is very aggressive in using the internet, and especially websites, as a political communications tool. For instance, Gendron was the fellow behind

This web site was built on a boring, rainy weekend by a Montreal student who also works as a communications consultant. He is very concerned about the lack of leadership of his federal government over the fight against climate change and thought this parody would help raise awareness over the issue. He begs you to take action and send this site to your friends.

He thinks that political involvement is the best way to remedy to the situation and should mention, for the sake of transparency, that he is an active member of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Should you like this stuff, he is also available to hire if you have a good cause or a lot of money.

Gendron also registered the domain

The "student" is Gendron (check the email link on that page). To say he is an active member of the Liberal Party is to be modest to the point of nearly being misleading. Remember, he is a Vice President of the Young Liberals of Canada at the national level. That's pretty active, eh?

Pathetic, lying skanks.

Anonymous said...

But is **FUNNY**.

The Kyoto Blog is pathetic.

Much like the "steffi lied" commentary.

Anonymous said...

I am commenting while wearing a lacy push-up bra and stilettos.

Anonymous said...

And how does bcl rate on Alexa? Inquiring minds want to know.