Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alberta Human Rights Reform Spiked! I Was Right! I Was Gawddamn Fucking Right! And Ezra Got Stiffed In Alberta!!!

From the mouth Of The Ez Himself. Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach has pulled the plug on Culture Minister Lindsay Blackett's Human Rights reform:

Ed Stelmach, Alberta's weak premier, shows he's still strong when it comes to pushing his MLAs around. Today he put that uppity cabinet minister Lindsay Blackett...back in his place.

...specifically, the repeal of section 3 (the Alberta analogue of Section 13) is OFF THE TABLE!!!

I've been saying that these reforms were stalled for months now and, holy shit!, I didn't even believe it myself at times. But today I can Lord It Over the Alberta MSM and feel totally justified. I got the Alberta zeitgeist pegged better than the Calgary Herald. My glory approaches transfinite levels! Gay rights get added to the act explicitly, and Section 3 doesn't get touched!

And, yo Speechy's, you guys are a bunch of fucking total luzers! All you're doing now is paying Ezra's bills. He can't even advance his Speechy crusade in a conservative province with a conservative majority. Like he couldn't float a Conservative magazine in the same place! When you read his latest post you can taste the flop-sweat in his very choice of fonts. Gawd you Speechy people fucking fail, fail epically, fail utterly, fail fail fail fail!!!!!!

Booyah!! Booyah!!

PS. Thanks go out to the Aryan Guard. Couldn't have done it without you guys!


Robert McClelland said...

It's not very nice to rub it in Ezrah's face like that. Bwahahaha!

Terrence C. Watson said...

You're such a meanie, BCL.

Robert McClelland said...

By the way, Angus Reid now has the BC NDP trailing the Liberals by just 3 points.

Ti-Guy said...

Well, this helps soothe the searing brain burn I've had ever since hearing LeRant on the CBC the other morning.

Apparently, Stelmach even increased the AHRC's budget by 1.7 million.


MgS said...

I'll reserve judgment on those changes until I see legislation tabled in the legislature.

Blackett's been making noises that echo Ted Morton's private member's bill from 2006. If that's the case, they're going to try to do it by undermining the entire human rights legislation in Alberta, rather than removing anything from it.

Blackett's been talking out of both sides of his mouth for quite a while now, and after what Liepert did to transsexuals in Alberta, I'm not so sure something nasty isn't coming down the pipe.