Thursday, April 02, 2009

PMO Releases Official Picture Of Harper At G20 Summit

Stephen Harper at morning briefing.


Anonymous said...

Who owns this blog? It seems to me like a 13 year old does. Act your age geez!

ch said...

Oh, come on, with international headlines like "Canadian Prime Minister denies being in toilet during official photo" the Conservative Party would probably post that picture on its official website if the tables were turned.

Harper should have simply come clean after a British official saw him go into the bathroom, rather than trying to hide the fact.

Anonymous said...

Like I said "ch" childish!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe Right's complaint.

If the tables were turned, you just know this photo would be plastered all over the Conservative website. They'd probably also launch a huge ad with the photo, spewing lies and ending with the tag-line, "Iggy, Shitting while Canada falters"

Direct profanity aside (though that point could be debated), you KNOW its more than feasible.

Anonymous said...

ch Here is the story about British official saw him go into the bathroom, rather than trying to hide the fact.

It was later later retracted. Joseph if the tables were turned and the Conservatives would have put on their websites,you be the first to complain. You would have been right to do so. I would have said the same thing. Just as it was childish when the Conservatives attacked Mr.Dion with the puffin add, remember?

Now the same people who attacked that add on Mr.Dion are enjoying this none story. You know what they are called? "Hypocrites" Or they are just a bunch of 13 year old!

Oh yea by the way isn't there a story about the economy at the G20 meeting? Just a thought!

Ted Betts said...


Yes, if a Liberal leader did this, the CPC would have a website where you could make your own attack ads, but when you went to grab a photo of the guy, a pop-up would say, “sorry, he’s in the loo right now, but check back later to see if he is finished”. All approved by the CPC official agent, of course.

But seriously, BCL. Enough with the bathroom humour. You really are a bottom feeder. The country is going down the toilet and we have to let the Prime Minister do his business. So stop crapping all over him. The PMO is already pissed enough about this. They understandably want to flush this whole story. You are full of it, if you think stories like this are going to make the Conservatives number 2.

bigcitylib said...

The Right,

It was not retracted as far as I can tell. Last I heard BBC was sticking with the story.

Ted, you should be playing Yuk Yuks.

Ted Betts said...

BCL: I'm here all week.

Anonymous said...

Right, BCL doesn't quite garner the attention as an official party, does he?

So be careful with that "hypocrisy" label, as it seems to fit a rather clumsy ruling party at the moment. When you've spent the past 3 years governing by photo op instead of actually leading, inevitably a moment of clarity will break free that even the suddenly sanctimonious cries of loyal followers won't hide.

I prefer the phrase "karma" myself.

Harper and the Conservatives have done everything they can to lower the discourse in this country, not me.

So I'll be eagerly awaiting your vigilant eye next time Harper elects to demonize a chunk of the country in the name of political expediency.

Anonymous said...


Whether this reporter retracted or not is beside the point. But hey you wouldn't get it if you sat on it.


"Right, BCL doesn't quite garner the attention as an official party, does he?

Are you serious? You people completely miss the point.
What difference does it make how much attention it gets? It's the post,it's what you write,it's what you type,it's what you say that counts not the amount of attention that it may or may not garner.

sassy said...

But hey you wouldn't get it if you sat on it.

Was that pun intended or accidental?

Harry Abrams said...

I miss the antiemites in your other thread.

Anonymous said...


If you could manage devote even an infinitesimal amount of concern over the bile Harper spews that you do a single post of one blogger, you might have some credibility.

As I said before, I'll be eagerly anticipating your new-found devotion to elevated, honest and open discourse. I expect some brutal scrutiny from your observations of your great leader in the future because I can tell you are all over that "it's what you say that matters" concept.

Jay said...

Lighten up, The Right.

Like it was mentioned before if this had been a liberal PM there would be images of animated turds like that stupid oil spot.

And don't pretend you are above this because I remember a certain Puffin taking a shit on someone on a Conservative website in the last election.

RuralSandi said...

Well, we know Harper's caucus are very immature and inept under his rule, but at least our dear leader is potty trained.

Ti-Guy said...

I hope Kinsella "outs" TRIWIA soon. I'm pretty sure it's Bev Oda.

Steve Bloom said...

BCL, check out this passage from the Sidney Morning Herald story:

'Angela Merkel then swiveled to the empty spot beside her: someone was missing. The German Chancellor's eyes, caught on myriad videos, swiveled theatrically suggesting the leader missing in action may not be a close friend. Then, an English voice was heard saying the missing person was perhaps "not on the same page".'

It would seem the guy has a reputation.