Monday, April 27, 2009

Yet Even More Tory On Tory Violence Redux

This is from Calgary West, the riding held by Rob Anders, not infrequently described as Canada's "worst MP". His only talent is winning nomination battles, and then going on to claim one of the safest of Tory safe seats in general elections. Looks like the PMOs office is fixing local riding association rules in order to help keep him in place. Click through the links below for an unabridged version of a letter from long-time Tory activist Clyde Fulton:

The Conservative Party of Canada
1204 - 130 Albert Street,
Ottawa, Ontario KIP 5G4

Mr Don Plett, President

I enclose my Certificate of Appreciation, which I am returning in disgust over the manner in which you and National Council have subverted the democratic nomination process in the EDA of Calgary West, depriving grassroots party members of a long-sought after and well-deserved nomination meeting.

A balloting process requiring two-thirds of all members to request a nomination meeting is a sham with a predetermined outcome. While one could legitimately argue whether a simple majority or some greater percentage of voting members is appropriate, two-thirds of all registered members is an absurd hurdle rate clearly designed to simply acclaim all existing MPs, while wasting party resources in a pathetic attempt to give the appearance of having consulted the membership.

Now here comes the particularly interesting bit. The only feasible method of driving Mr. Anders from his seat is to 1) elect a new, reform-minded riding association BOD for Calgary West, and 2) have the new board nominate a candidate as Mr. Ander's replacement.

The first part of this process HAS INDEED TAKEN PLACE:

As you are acutely aware, Calgary West recently held its AGM in which a new Board was elected with a clear mandate to hold a nomination meeting. This was the culmination of a decade-long struggle to replace the buffoon who has represented this riding for the past 12 years. His offensive response was to simply brand as "closet Liberals" longstanding party members of integrity who questioned, challenged or criticized his outlandish behavior and dismal performance as an MP.

The change instituted by the Tory National Council--requiring two-thirds of all members to request a nomination meeting before one is held--has been deliberately crafted to thwart the thwart the 2nd part of the replacement process.

And now Mr. Fulton has gone on the War Path:

Historically I have taken a very passive role in politics. However this issue has mobilized me like no other. I will make it my personal mission to bring this travesty of democracy to the attention of as many people as possible.

If you believe a nomination process would have been divisive, you can imagine what using such a fraudulent process to deprive the newly mobilized membership of Calgary West of a legitimate voice in selecting who will represent them in the next election will produce.

The Prime Minister and the Party have the actions of you personally and National Council to blame for this deplorable situation.

This will be fun to watch.


Ti-Guy said...

Like Calgary West can come up with anything better than Rob Anders. It's Calgary, for God's sakes. You have to drive north for three hours before you start hitting anything resembling normal people.

I feel for them, in some detached, intellectual way, but I frankly couldn't care less. These people bitch and moan and vote Conservative anyway, and as we all know, Conservative MP's are just the background scenery for the sociopath who leads the Party.

The Conservative rank-and-file all sound (and look) much more like Rob Anders than the ideal the few embarrassed Conservatives have in mind.

Too bad, so sad.

Mark Richard Francis said...

This looks like fun. With BSG over and done with, I have to get my kicks from stuff like this.

How long until someone says something incendiary enough to justify another party filing a libel suit?

Anonymous said...

Interesting liberal views on Calgary West.
Here's some facts to consider;
This riding holds as many people as any other riding.
The Conservative party have been relentless in canvasing, generating memberships and funding therein.
One whole hell of a lot of people simply don't bother to vote (a sorry fact on the growth in Alberta).
Liberals have to get out and work and invest and change Calgary West just as they would in any other riding.
Liberal Inertia is Calgary West's problem.

Ti-Guy said...

Liberal Inertia is Calgary West's problemIt's a lost cause. Meanwhile, this is an Albertan MP's idea of what working for the constituents means; a partisan rally billed as a "Town Hall" featuring Tom Flannigan.

Meanwhile, my Liberal MP holds town halls to talk about health, social welfare, education, public transport, etc. etc.

Gerrard787 said...
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