Wednesday, April 15, 2009

B.C. NDP Enviro-Perfidy Pays No Polling Dividends!

"I am fricken' doomed," said B.C. NDP Leader Carole James, "So...totally...fricken...doomed!"


The Mound of Sound said...

Like it or no, the Invisible Premier is set to coast to another win. Too bad there's no liberal party contesting this election. Campbell has privatized just about everything he could get his hands on - from our ferries, to our utilities, highways and parks. Even our medical records are processed in the US where they go straight into the Homeland Security data banks.

How can Campbell advance such a right-wing agenda and keep winning? Because he and the rest of the old Social Credit hacks quickly realized that the only thing that could really threaten their hold on power was a centrist, Liberal party. When the SoCreds cratered the rats merely boarded the Liberal ship, took out memberships, and made every genuine liberal walk the plank.

It was a crushing moment because we had seen, however briefly, the people of British Columbia show a spirited enthusiasm for centrist politics after decades of far left/far right whiplash. Before it had a fighting chance to take hold, the SoCreds killed it off and wrapped themselves in its mantle.

Ian said...

You're so full of it, all these polls were done BEFORE the NDP even released their platform. At least fake objectivity and remember how well Dion was polling at the start of the last federal election.

Dirk Buchholz said...'s a little fact for you,kinda puts the Suzuki Foundation's "outrage" in regards to the NDP's plan to axe the pointless and useless carbon tax.
I believe they call it politics/playing politics.
But hey your fair so I am sure you will amend your earlier posts about the so called "rot" of the NDP,or at least add a qualification.