Tuesday, April 07, 2009

U.S. Climate Legislation: Incremental Change Ahead

From Nation Journal's weekly "Congressional Insiders Poll":

Q: What is the likeliest outcome in this Congress of the debate on energy and climate change?


Democrats (27 votes)Sweeping change 33%
Incremental change 67%
No change 0%


Republicans (34 votes)Sweeping change 15%
Incremental change 53%
No change 29%
Don't know 3%

Which sounds crap--for example, don't expect Canada to join a regional cap-&-trade system anytime soon because there probably won't be one--until you realize that our government is doing nothing but defund our climate scientists.

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Gerrard787 said...

I remember when Elizabeth May found Harper's incremental approach to climate change to be worse then appeasing Nazis.

But I'm sure the same greenies will find Obama's incremental approach to be the most enlightened piece of American legislation to date this century.