Friday, April 24, 2009

Meet Tristan Emmanuel

"While Hillier undoubtedly has a solid base in rural Ontario, particularly rural Eastern Ontario, Tristan Emmanuel, the man running Hillier's campaign has a solid base of a different kind. As the founder and past president of The ECP Centre (Equipping Christians for the Public Square), Emmanuel has his own following of socially conservative, politically active Christians. Like Hillier, Emmanuel comes into this race with his own massive mailing list which he's already tapping into."

Here's Tristan on Canada:

Take Canada, for example. I'm a Canadian, and we don't have an "illegal alien" problem. However, we suffer from something just as bad – a form of Anglo-Saxon self-hatred. We call it multiculturalism. This is the politically correct way of saying white, English-speaking culture is bad.

Here's Tristan on homosexuals and Svend Robinson's private member's bill C-415

In fact, Bill C-415 is another example of how sexual deviants are seeking to reorder Canada's criminal law to suit their own objectives. The bill exposes to criminal prosecution anyone who makes statements that could he construed as 'promoting hatred' against homosexuals: a nebulous and ill-defined crime if ever there were. Mrs. Landholt predicts it will 'close down public debate on the homosexual issue.

And, one thing I didn't know (from Tristan's website): apparently Mr. Hillier was one of the brave 300 hundred to attend Speechypalooza in London on April 13th (along with Shaidle, Levant and Co.).

Lets be clear: the Randy Hillier/Tristan Emmanuel team will not win the OPCP leadership nomination. It does tell you something about the party, though, that they're considered a part of the OPCP family.

On the upside, Neil Young can demand his side-burns back.

H/T Mr. Smith.


Mike said...

I knew Hillier was conservative, but mixed up with "Tristan Emmanuel" (not his real name)...holy crap.

No wonder he was so eager to go into Afghanistan to kill non-Christians...

Reality Bites said...

That's really not his real name?

All this time I figured his frothing-at-the-mouth homophobia was a result of his parents saddling him with number 17 on the GayestNameEver® list

Sixth Estate said...

Interestingly, Emmanuel's successor at the Equipping Christians centre, Tim Bloedow (whose zany writings can be found at has also endorsed Hillier's campaign.

I wonder what Hillier's connections to that group are.

Anonymous said...

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