Monday, April 06, 2009

All Shook Down

A quicky review of Ezra's Magnum Opus, because he doesn't mention me one single time and therefore I wasn't going to buy the damn thing, so wound up reading it quickly in a book store while I waited for my wife to teach her skating class.

Well, his fact checking skills haven't improved. The wind up to the RCMP and Privacy Commission investigations of the CHRC in the "hacked wifi" case, which essentially exonerated the federal agency, isn't touched upon at all.

Now, you might say that's because the book was written in 2008 before this came to pass, but there is no excuse for Ezra's misinterpretation Guy Earle's BCHRC complaint (he's the comedian that went off at a couple of lesbians). Ez is still calling this a section 7 case. Section 7 covers "discriminatory publication" and is the B.C. equivalent of Section 13 of the CHRA. However, it isn't a section 7: it's a section 8 case, which concerns "discrimination in accommodation, service and facility". So, nothing to do with "free speech".

Which Ezra knows or should know by now.

And, oh yeah, I looked three of four times and couldn't locate an index. In a non-fiction book about Canadian Law. That tells you something.


MgS said...

Ezra's never been too worried about facts. That's how he got himself sued for libel by Senator Ghitter some years ago, and his current tirade campaign about HRC's seems to have blinded him to being rational about anything.

With respect to a lack of index, does he have a bibliography?

bigcitylib said...

I was a little fuzzed out from a cold, but I looked for both and couldn't find. Don't remember any footnotes either.

Ti-Guy said...

Indexes? Bibliographies? Footnotes? How quaint.

Haven't you guys ever heard of teh Google?