Friday, April 03, 2009

More Harper Photo Troubles

Two days ago, we noted a picture issued from the PMO showing Mr. Harper allegedly speaking over the phone to U.S. President Barack Obama that seemed rather suspicious.

This morning an insider from the Tory war-room confirms that the photo had indeed been "shopped", and provided us with the original from which the Tory war-room worked. Compare and contrast.

The Fake Harper

The Real Harper

A couple of key points:

1) Most notably, the fake Harper is too thin, whereas the real Harper possesses an upper-body that seems fuelled by anabolic donuts.

2) The real Harper is clearly talking on a phone to nowhere. My source tells me that there is an aide to the PM crouched behind that chair, whispering in a low, mellifluous tone: "Yes you Can, Mr. Prime Minister, Yes you Can!!

3) The real Harper has been known, when travelling, to remove whatever art work decorates his hotel room and replace it with pictures of himself. My secret war-room source tells me that these pictures have themselves been "shopped", to make Mr. Harper appear thinner.

Thanks to secret source and h/t Imp.


WesternGrit said...

rofl... hilarious!

Mark Richard Francis said...

"the real Harper possesses an upper-body that seems fuelled by anabolic donuts"

Some of us don't consider this a negative.

I find, for example, Obama's buff bod intimidating, and feel it places unrealistic expectations upon me to eat less muffins.

Canajun said...

Odd... I would have expected at least one George Bush photo on the wall.

Harry Abrams said...

Kid stuff.

RuralSandi said...

Hey Harry (Garth Turner blog troll) - if they didn't act like kids, they wouldn't be treated like kids.

Ti-Guy said...

Was Harry really a Turner blog troll?

RuralSandi said...

The only Harry I've seen trolling was Harry S on Garth Turner's blog and he's a real beaut.

bigcitylib said...


I doubt they're the same guy.