Thursday, April 02, 2009

Another Tory Creationist Emerges

From the HOC today:

Mr. James Lunney (Nanaimo—Alberni, CPC): Mr. Speaker, recently we saw an attempt to ridicule the presumed beliefs of a member of this House and the belief of millions of Canadians in a creator. Certain individuals in the media and the scientific community have exposed their own arrogance and intolerance of beliefs contrary to their own. Any scientist who declares that the theory of evolution is a fact has already abandoned the foundations of science. For science establishes fact through the study of things observable and reproducible. Since origins can neither be reproduced nor observed, they remain the realm of hypothesis. In science, it is perfectly acceptable to make assumptions when we do not have all the facts, but it is never acceptable to forget our assumptions. Given the modern evidence unavailable to Darwin, advanced models of plate techtonics, polonium radiohalos, polystratic fossils, I am prepared to believe that Darwin would be willing to re-examine his assumptions. The evolutionists may disagree, but neither can produce Darwin as a witness to prove his point. The evolutionists may genuinely see his ancestor in a monkey, but many modern scientists interpret the same evidence in favour of creation and a creator.

Another Chiropractor too. Weird.

And what the hell is a "polystratic" or polystrate fossil, you ask?

The word polystrate is not a standard geological term, and is found most often in creationist materials.[3]

Just another note, radiohalos are, unlike polystratic fossils, a real geological concept. But they are only a significant geological concept if you are a Young Earth Creationist, because they have been interpreted as evidence of...well...a young Earth.

So Mr. Lunney seems to have been verily steeped in Creationist pseudo-science, though not so much in real science.


KC said...

Good grief

The Mound of Sound said...

At least he's not your MP. He's a fundamentalist creationist - full bore. Lunhny also chairs that little mentioned parliamentary pro-Israel group, a chapter of an American parent group whose founding principles begin with the expansion of Israel to its historical boundaries and the relocation (expulsion) of the Palestinians. Not merely creationists but also Rapture freaks. That'll be 'Doctor' Lunny to you, the esteemed chiropractor. During the election I pondered whether, if I called Lunny "Doctor" I ought to be calling my mechanic "Professor."

Mark said...

Why do social Darwinists have such a hard time accepting evolution? It makes no sense.