Sunday, April 26, 2009

For Those Who Can't Get Enough Of Teh Crazy

FreeD is supposed to be back up and running by Monday, after what must be a record-setting three day outage. Is this related to the state of their legal case re. Warman and etc.?

Wild speculation is welcome in the comments, but I hope everyone has saved their screenshots of the juciy bits.

RedEnsign1986 wrote:

I was able to contact mark on facebook and he said that both their emailers are down too so they have been out of contact.He said FD should be back online on Monday.

I gave him the url for this site so he and connie might be on here later.

And I, apparently, am becoming the Perez Hilton for Canada's Far Right.

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Ti-Guy said...

Wild speculation is welcome in the commentsThe operating system of the server FD was running on became sentient, realised what it was enabling and self-destructed. The resulting explosion injured two Panamanian campesinos, so it's taking a while to sort everything out.