Thursday, April 09, 2009

Nova Scotia Liberal Apologies For Topless Photo Of NDP Candidate

[Nova Scotia Liberal Leader Stephen] McNeil says he's spoken to Dexter about the issue and is trying to contact [Lenore] Zann to apologize in person "for the way she's been treated, the way the information was put out.

The volunteer that emailed the photo to CBC will be given a 2nd chance.

Lenore Zann is surprised it's the Liberals that would stoop to such tactics. Perhaps not surprising: her IMBD star meter is up 25% this week.


Jennifer Smith said...

What I find most amusing about this story is that anyone would think that a Canadian actress, even one running for office, would actually be embarrassed by such a thing. It's not like someone found a shot of her flashing her tits on 'Girls Gone Wild' back in her college days or something. It was a recent appearance on a very successful and critically acclaimed U.S. cable series - a sign of a successful career.

Come to think of it, I can't think of many successful Canadian actresses who haven't shown their boobies on screen at some point in their career. Maybe Shirley Douglas? Tina Keeper?

Anonymous said...

Can you post here the topless Photo? Canadian getting wild.

Maria[formal wear]