Saturday, March 27, 2010

Anthony Watts In Australia

This post is mostly excerpts from an email authored by Leon Ashby, head of the Australian Climate Sceptics' Party, the planet's very 1st Denialist Political Party. He's trying to raise funds to bring WUWT owner Anthony Watts Down Under. Note that while Tony always insists he's in it for the science, Ashby's gang thinks otherwise Just a few more excerpts, to show how the devil does business:

We plan to organise meetings where Anthony Watts will be the headline speaker in at least 14 cities - Most will be dinners. The cost of the tour we hope will be self funding from ticket sales, but in the event of a shortfall we would appreciated 50 supporters being prepared to nominate an amount they would guarantor (i.e $500 or $1,000 each etc)

The idea is that if we can have say close to $50,000 guarantied (or donated) then the tour will proceed. If we cannot get sufficient guarantors or donations in the next few weeks we will not proceed

One member has already nominated $1,000 as a guarantor. Thanks Roger.

Lord Monckton’s tour was a success with 7,000 people attending his meetings. The ticket sales and donations covered all the costs. If this occurs with Anthony Watts` tour we would not need to ask guarantors for a cent.

Sceptics my ass.


chris said...

Anybody know how much Monckton was paid? I assume he didn't just volunteer.

bigcitylib said...

Well, presumably,that came out of the 50,000 UK bucks they guarenteed.