Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Education Of Helena Guergis

Will Jeff Jedras bring down a Cabinet Minister?

If so, I'm going to be very jealous. I've been trying to do that for ages.


Anyong said...

This is an open comment to Ms. Guergis. Please take a few courses in social ethics and culture. Doing so might help you think before you drop verbal stench upon the general public. No one but no one can get into a University Master's program without an undergraduate degree unless some one has pulled a few strings. Personally, I don't think you Ms. Guergis have the smarts enough to gain an MBA totally on your own merit.

Ti-Guy said...

An update at The Hill Times confirms she has an MBA from the U. of Alberta. So where/when did she earn her undergraduate degree? The web site for the U. of A. School of Business states that an applied undergraduate degree does not meet entrance requirements for the MBA program.

Ti-Guy said...

Oh, hang on. From the same U. of A. site:

"Candidates who do not hold an undergraduate degree but have considerable professional experience may also be admissible. Individuals who feel that this situation applies to them are encouraged to contact the admissions office to discuss their status."

Bingo. I bet that's how just got admitted. That, plus...well, she's Helena Guergis.

wv: "mingist." Heh.

bigcitylib said...


whats the precise link. And I may HT you tomorrow. If you want to reveal your real identity, now's the time.

Ti-Guy said...

Here. Second paragraph under "undergraduate degree."

You can H/T Ted Betts. I got that information from his comment on Jeff Jedras's blog.

This is for the "Executive MBA" program. The "Alberta MBA" program doesn't address work experience in lieu of undergraduate degree.

bigcitylib said...

See? Ted's okay.

Holly Stick said...

Here is a magazine article for Feb/Mar 2010:

"...Before her career in politics, Helena attained an MBA from the University of Alberta and owned a small business for seven years..."


It does not say where the information came from.

Holly Stick said...

There's a U of A MBA Facebook page.


(I'm not signed up to Facebook)

Holly Stick said...

I may be wrong about the date of that article; it may have been published in 2009 since it refers to her appointment as Minister of Statut of Women "last fall" which was in Oct 2008.

The article looks like she was interviewed, though some reporters imply they interviewed a person without actually having done so.

Anonymous said...

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