Thursday, March 11, 2010

Speaking Of Trips To Israel

Gruending on the National House of Prayer's (NHOP) walk to Israel. they're off to prepare for the end times. Yippy! Gruending manages to work this fact into the context of the Harper's govs. recent actions re KAIROS and Rights and Democracy:

The government’s ham-fisted actions against KAIROS and Rights and Democracy have sent an intended chill through Canada’s church and development communities. Question the policies of the Israeli government and you are called anti-Semitic. Question the policies of the Canadian government and you will be punished. These attacks have led others, including former Canadian diplomat Harry Stirling, to question why the kind of debate that occurs regularly within Israel about the country’s policies toward its neighbours is labelled as anti-Semitic when it occurs in Canada.

A common analysis is that in its policies and practices the Harper government is attempting to win the support of Jewish organizations and voters in this country. It may be, however, that an even more important reason for the government’s one-sided policy is its desire to appease its base among the Christian right – those who actually believe that a biblical prophecy of end times will be fulfilled by the Israeli hegemony in the Middle East.

Of course, Christian reconstructionists like the folks at NHOP believe that only those who have accepted Christ as their personal saviour will be saved in the Last Judgement. So, presumably, when the last trumpet sounds, the majority of Israelis are going to be screwed.


Ian said...

Is Michael Ignatieff a "reconstructionist?" He seems to be as unwavering in his support of Israel as Stephen Harper. Not that Jack or Gilles are doing much better, all our politicians are cowards on this issue.

Ti-Guy said...

So, presumably, when the last trumpet sounds, the majority of Israelis are going to be screwed.

In a thousand years of thinking about this, I'll never understand how this bizarre coalition of Revelation loonies and Jews manage to keep up this charade so enthusiastically.

I'm not up on my eschatology, but don't *all* the Jews have to return to Israel for End Times prophecy to be fulfilled? If so, why isn't the Christian Right advocating the deportation of Jews?

Maybe one of the fundagelical trolls here can explain that to me.