Sunday, March 28, 2010

Guy Earle BCHRT Hearing not about free speech, though you may hear otherwise. Its not about being an "edgy comedian" testing the limits of acceptable expression; it would be more accurate to say its about being an abusive waiter.

More on this case as it plays out, hopefully.


Anonymous said...
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Terrence said...

Peter J, myself, and an American comrade got to interview Guy Earle a long while back.

I am not altogether sure we were careful enough to make the distinction you allude to. Really, that was my error, as I had the responsibility of keeping track of such things.

It is an important distinction, although not enough of the commentary in the following days is going to mark it.

Ti-Guy said...

Oh, good Terrence is here. He can settle a question that's been plaguing me for years:

When you were being recruited by the Right, on a scale of one to ten, just how nubile would you have placed yourself?

Terrence said...


First, sorry about the WS. Only some people seem to be able to comment now, and I don't know why, and am not being paid enough (or at all) to take time away from my real job to track down the problem.

I have a response written to you, saved as a txt file on a work computer, and maybe I'll paste it later here, as the conversation was most interesting.

As to your question: I think I have felt like an old, out-of-place cranky bastard forever. In fact, if anything, I am like Benjamin Buttons; sometimes, now that I'm to celebrate the first anniversary of my 29th birthday, I feel like I'm younger than before. It is very strange.

My crotchety nature likely being the reason the right recruited me in the first place, I would have to presently rank myself as very low on the nubile scale, but gradually increasing as that awful anniversary approaches.

It is no wonder my libertarian friends no longer return my calls :-(