Friday, March 12, 2010

Deborah Gray: FemiNazi!!!

You're right, sister: men and wymmyn are treated different. If I'd tried that shit I would have been tazed and arrested!


Ti-Guy said...


Ablonczy also indirectly commented on Guergis, saying Conservative women are treated differently in the media than Liberal women. She pointed to a column in a national newspaper last week in which the writer suggested Guergis should resign but not a Toronto city councillor who angrily shot back at a heckler.

That's right, Ablonczy. You're treated like "Conservatives," ie. idiots.

How the hell is that incident with the Toronto city councillor even remotely comparable to Miss Huronia's Maritime meltdown?

double nickel said...

It's not. This is just "politics" talking.

Gayle said...

Conservative women are victims.

RuralSandi said...

Pardon my confusion here. I thought the airport staff were the victims.

Ablonczy, perhaps the Liberal and NDP women don't do as many stupid things.