Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Effective Bit Of Oppositionizing

OTTAWA–MPs have voted to put a stop to the practice of mailing taxpayer-funded political flyers to voters outside their own ridings.

A minor issue, but a major irritant in the body politic. We'll see if the Tories ignore this motion. They've been employing 10%ers as a form of guerrilla marketing, as the more outrageous ones tend to get loudly denounced and their message winds up as part of the daily news cycle. But now they will not only be asking like assholes, they'll be ignoring the will of Parliament in order to send out the kind of literature that really annoys people. Let's see if this vote tilts the cost/benefit analysis against the miserable instruments.

Kudos to the Libs: a real, though small, victory.


Ti-Guy said...

We'll see if the Tories ignore this motion.

I'd be impressed with the Cons if they abided by it. Genuinely impressed. Just shows how *low* my expectations of them have fallen.

I get one more of those things an some MP north of Steeles is getting one shoved up his or her arse.

RuralSandi said...

It was reported on CTV, Power Play, that the NDP are in cohoots with Harper on this. Layton is just posturing again.

Layton is such a snake