Thursday, March 08, 2007

And In 30 More Years They'll Get To The Zoning By-Laws

It's been a decade since the amalgamation of the old Federation of Toronto, and after years of study and bickering back and forth, City Council:

... adopted a new design for street name signs in an effort to co-ordinate signage across Toronto.

But if some of the older communities want to put a bird on their street-signs, or on the other hand a rainbow, the new design allows it! For "Diversity is our Strength!" Oh Joy! Such progress. Meanwhile stuff like harmonizing a half dozen zoning codes remains a "long term" goal. Way, way long term.

Some advice: if any politician of any stripe suggests a municipal amalgamation where you live, bludgeon them with a brick and run the body through a chipper. Toronto missed out on the last half of the 1990s because of this nonsense.


Ti-Guy said...

Well, not complete nonsense. Someone had to get rid of "Canada's Only Borough...Boo-Yah!!" and the sickening notion that Sheppard and Yonge could be thought of as a city centre and a focus of community life. I like the fact the all those city centres are now not trying to pretend to be anything else than what they always were...malls.

Jeff said...

Hey, Scarborough Town Centre is no mall!...oh, wait...