Saturday, March 31, 2007

Will The Tories Ditch Clean Air Act?

Not fall over it, not pass it, but let it die on the order paper? This is starting to look increasingly likely:

The Conservative government may abandon what is left of a Clean Air Act largely redrafted by opposition parties as it shifts focus to setting industrial pollution limits and financial penalties.

And John Baird hinted the same thing on CBC radio this morning.

Note to those who thought Harper and the Tories had "neutralized" the environment as an issue. Look where the opposition is falling back: here, for example, the NDP is caving and teaming up with the Tories to pass gun crimes legislation. They don't want the next election to be about "law and order issues". Now look where the government is in retreat: specifically, they're trying to sneak away from their own environmental legislation. They don't...repeat DO NOT...want to fight an election over Kyoto.

Therefore, let me repeat, no election this Spring.


Greg Fingas said...

As I mentioned here, though, there is a third possibility. Even if the Clean Air Act does get abandoned and much of the Cons' crime agenda gets passed, the Cons may simply start complaining about general "obstruction" and try to claim a need for a new mandate based on other areas where the opposition has voted against them.

Anonymous said...

as one of the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who depend on energy for my job, on energy to feed my kids & pay my mortgage, I certainly hope calm heads prevail and this deadly pursuit of Kyoto & energy reduction are introduced very, very slowly and carefully. This mad rush to appease the eco jihadis is just frikk'n stupid.

A million Canadians lose their jobs and the Chines build two new dirty coal plants a week . . ya good logic.

Any politician who screws my job up will get it come voting day.

Ti-Guy said...

Don't worry. There'll always be jobs for people like you.

Anonymous said...

There's our April fool, a little early.

Ti-Guy said...