Friday, March 23, 2007

Meet Christena Cherneskey

I am usually loath to send traffic to this guy, but for some reason he seems to have been first on the story that local (Toronto) radio personality Christina Cherneskey will be running for the Liberal nomination in Mississauga-Streetsville (Wajid Khan's riding).

I would not advise the riding members of that area as to who their best choice would be, but I think they could do far worse that Christina. While her employer (Newstalk CFRB 1010) is definitely right-slanted, and while Christina gave the Paul Martin government a hard ride over the sponsorship scandal, for the most part she comes across as pretty amiable, not at all like fellow CFRB host and hard-core ranter Michael Coren. If I were to compare her to anyone, it might be Sun columnist Christie Blatchford or the T.O. Star's Rosie DiManno--kind of a "tough chick" persona.

Furthermore, my experience with radio/tv types is that they adapt their personalities to fit whatever gig they're doing. I was once interviewed by none other than Charles Adler when he was working with (and I think maybe for) Garth Turner. At the same he was a puffy marshmallow who could barely tie a neck-tie properly.

Then he lands up in Calgary and becomes the Adlersaurus.


Ti-Guy said...

I suppose you could do worse than a DiManno or a Crusty. Both of them are kind of annoying (the latter, practically always, these days) but they're not irrational.

Karen said...

I would only compare her to Blatchford and DiManno, in demeanor, not substance.

Anonymous said...

well she's better looking and probably smarter than Mark Holland . but then your average door stopper is smarter than Mark "Alberta, there will be consequences" Holland.

Ti-Guy said...

Get new material, rube.

Anonymous said...

The Mississauga News had it covered on March 12. It took 10 days to cross Canada.

Note: "Renowned journalist, author and activist June Callwood has formally endorsed Cherneskey's candidacy."

Amanda Van Der Steen said...

She looks like a man, man.

high parker said...

I heard that Christina Cherneskey from CFRB is running for the Provincial Liberal nomination for High Park...please tell me this is true!
We need real people to represent us for a change in government.
Christina is intelligent and I know she can make a huge difference in highpark. I am tired of paying high taxes and don't have much to show for it.
I know for a fact that Sylvia Watson screwed us at the City level and SOLD PRIME greenspace for a parking lot. Now she wants to really screw us and represent us at the province? Can you imagine the serious damage she can do there?
Christina Cherneskey, please win the nomination. WE NEED YOU IN HIGH PARK!
Thank oyu
High Parker