Thursday, March 29, 2007

Michael Crichton Has Got The Answer!

In 1992, Michael Crichton argued that the Japanese would take over America (Rising Sun). He was wrong. In 1994, he claimed that whip-wielding, black underwear wearing Feminitrixes would take over the corporate board-rooms of America ( Disclosure). Unfortunately, once again, he was mistaken.

These days Crichton is inveighing against Commie scientists attempting to undermine America's economic glory by perpetrating hoaxes such as global warming in books like State of Fear, and in countless lectures given on the international right-wing rubber chicken circuit.

And Mr. Crichton recently took the time to conduct an interview with this guy, on a blog entitled The Daily Ablution. I've already dealt with Mr. Crichton's strange views on the history and sociology of Science here, which lead him to challenge the very notion of a scientific consensus. However, what is interesting in this case is that, during his Ablution interview, Crichton makes the following rather astounding statement:

In the meantime, as you know, my own prediction for warming over the next 100 years is 0.8 degrees C. I arrived at this by a complex formula that I will reveal in future years.

So, Crichton's bagged it! He's got the number! And he apparently didn't employ any of those goddamned commie super-computers to arrive at it either. Perhaps, if real scientists are very nice, and very humble, if they send let's say an emissary bearing gifts, Mr. Crichton will reveal the back of the napkin (or whatever) upon which he calculated the very fate of our planet.

And then we can put aside our irrational fears of climate change and worry about those things that really matter. As Mr Crichton puts it: "beheadings, rape, and homophobia in distant lands."


Anonymous said...

Immigration to Canada, vs global warming.

Alison said...

Any numbers in yet from Ursula Leguin or Willianm Gibson? And what about Philip K Dick? You telling me he didn't leave us with a number?
Do keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

This big phoney and all round opportunist has finally reached his true level: 10:00 PM on Friday night at the local Legion where some boozed up old fool tries to hold an argument by saying he has been informed by authorities he is not free to name.
Chricton is not even up to working out original arguments to his make a buck by attacking AGW and he actually uses the discredited points of Lomborg. He will say we need to take care of the poor an d such before dealing with AGW. Right, we should not deal with raising the dykes because some free riders might gain. The man is a jerk.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:55 pm

And your credentials are . . . ?