Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dion Makes Good Call On Anti-Scab Legislation

From Today's Natty Post:

OTTAWA - The business community let out a collective sigh of relief yesterday after the Liberal Party said it will withdraw its support for a bill that would ban the use of replacement workers during a strike, a move that likely kills the legislation as it heads to final reading.

The business community gave a sigh, and so did I. Not that I don't support bill C-257 in principle, but Dion is already being called a tree-hugger and if he let the party get behind this one people would be calling him a Communist.

And not just people, the "business community": hundreds of associations, think-tanks, and PR departments with a ton of access to the business press and staffers dedicated to making up doomsday stories whenever government even thinks about changing the ground rules in ways they do not favor.

So this one is a bridge too far at the moment. Besides, if you're looking at short-changing a potential constituency, its far easier to stiff unionists than greenies. People think green and they see cute fuzzy bunnies. They think Unionist and they see some slob swilling beer out of the trunk of his car during coffee-break outside of an auto-plant.


Anonymous said...

maybe he was just afraid of having to whip his caucus again.

Strong leaders use the whip on their slaves . . .keeps them in line & happy

bigcitylib said...

And Stephen Harper uses the whip for self pleasuring.

Anonymous said...

On an unrelated note, it's nice to see that Ignatieff called the widows of the 9/11 attacks "just a sideshow". Boy, what a caring individual that prick is. Were the women murdered by Gamil Gharbi ever called a 'sideshow'? What about the victims from the Dawson college shooting, how'd they like to be brushed off as a 'sideshow' to the debate? Or Jane Creba?

Funny how Liberals love to trot out the victims when it suits their purpose, but have no problem spitting in their faces when it doesn't suit them.

Harsh, mean-spirited, evil Liberals!

susansmith said...

Gee, sure am glad the libs backtracked on anti-scab legislation, as I thought they really were becoming all progressive on us, but shucks, they were just fooling you again. But hey, they are liberals just being liberals, and talking out both sides of their mouths. We're progressive but we know where our bread is buttered on, and it sure ain't bread and roses.

Anonymous said...

This is another of Dion's foibles that are starting to accumulate.

I am beginning not having Gerard Kennedy in the House of Commons is problematic to Stephane.

Why did I say that? GK is more of a natural opposition politician than Stephane. What did Kennedy do when Mike Harris brought forth the anti-scab legislation?

Paying attention to the interests of business owners is not what the Liberal Party needs to do in Opposition. They are paying money to the CPC already as a means to lower their tax burden!!! It is finding a consistent message to hammer against Harper and his neo-conservatism, whether it is real or perceived. Letting the anti-scab legislation through legitimizes Layton's "equidistant" policy. The Dippers can make Parliament effective under a Harper minority because the Liberals are just as bad.

Anonymous said...

This isn't just about paying attention to business, it's about paying attention to average Canadians. Federally-regulated industries, things like airlines, telcos, crown corporations, etc. if allowed to be shut down for extended periods from labour strife can have a devastating affect on everyone.

Anonymous said...

I find this "one" whip issue funny - it's OK that Harper "whips" on each and every vote in the House.

Anonymous said...

The "side show" remark was correct - imagine the people of 9/11 and Air India being used for political points and photo-ops.

Harper is the one who is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Every time these overpaid union people go on strike - we pay the price - either by the increase in price of goods or extra taxes to pay the government salaries of union workers.

I found it funny when they had the last GM layoff - the workers interviewed were so upset because they couldn't make as good money and have as good benefits anywhere else - if salary and benefits were so good - why all the strikes. They screwed themselves up.

Anonymous said...

so is Stephy really trying to piss off Buzz ??

I mean really, Buzz was butt-buddy with Martin and no Stephy disses him ??

Talk about a way to force unionists back to the NDP vote.

Taliban Jack must be just a-smilin . .

Stephy is a political dufus, nice guy , but a dufis.

Ti-Guy said...

Gah...The conserva-trolls seem to be on meth lately. Loopier than usual... The Conservatives are probably sensing the end of the line.

Anonymous said...

Someone please remind me what is the difference between the Liberals and the Conservatives? Is there really any diffence besides the way the Liberals support social justice issues "on principle" but not in practice.

Anonymous said...

"I was wounded by Kimveer Gill, so we need more gun control."

"I was shot by a drug dealer in downtown TO, we need more gun control."

"I'm a mother of a daughter who goes to Dawson college, but wasn't hurt - we need more gun control."

Sideshow? The conservatives are rank amateurs at playing the heartstrings. Watch ANY left-wing agenda issue and you'll find a career vitim on stage, ready to cry her eyes out. Helmet laws? PETA? Global warming? Toenail fungus? Itchy panties? The sideshow bus is PARKED at Liberal headquarters, right outside the main tent Freak Show.

Anonymous said...

So which is it? Is it a strong leader who uses the whip, or a totalitarian? If they don't all vote together, is it a sign of a weak leader or is it that personal choice is allowed?