Monday, March 26, 2007


Has it crashed? I have apparently had no traffic in almost 48 hours. If it hasn't crashed, what do you ungrateful bastards want? You think its easy to find nudie pics that are politically relevant? Well IT ISN'T!!!


JimBobby said...

Ouch! I'm here an' it didn't count me so it's busted. My own is workin'. They got a few servers but if the image is showin', I think it should be workin'. Try removin' then re insertin' yer sm code.


bigcitylib said...

You the man, Jimbobby.

bigcitylib said...

And now its getting really weird. I am not up to nearly 200 visits yesterday, and the number seems to creep higher every couple of hours or so. Its as though its finally adding yesterday's visits, which has happened before, but usually the shut down has only been for a few hours.

Anonymous said...

think something went wrong. Last week it bounced everyone off my board. *grrr*

And people were having problems on my blog too.

I reinstalled it on my blog today hoping for the best.

It might be easier to find pics if you don't leave so many of yourself lying around. ;)

audacious said...

from their web site:
s30 - Delays
March 26th, 2007

FYI - s30 started acting up sometime over the weekend and the result is lag and delays in reporting. We’re looking into this and will update everyone when we have it resolved.

The Sitemeter Team


During the weekend when s30 was doing its scheduled re-boot the Tracker Software failed to reset. The results were logs files piling up and not being processed into the database. We’ve restarted Tracker and s30 is quickly chugging through the backlog. All account should be current later this evening

Anonymous said...

Dude - when you used to crap on WK your traffic was much higher. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

This mite explain things...

Sitemeter is accepting dirty money from advertisers.

Anonymous said...

"I have indeed been able to confirm, on two of my own sites, that Sitemeter is sending specificclick cookies onto websites hosting the counter. I immediately removed the counter and now have all of my sites using StatCounter or Google Analytics."

Do a blog search on sitemeter for more.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Cherniak is extending the long arm of the Liblogs law your way and messing with your site.
Did you ever get off LPC message at any time? If so, he'll find out and punish punish punish you.

bigcitylib said...

anon 12:42,

Yes but I only know so many bald jokes.