Monday, March 26, 2007


...that Christopher Hitchens has been drinking:

So, you seriously mean to say that we would not be living in a better or safer world if the coalition forces had turned around and sailed or flown home in the spring of 2003? That's exactly what I mean to say.

Apparently, he's talking with an invisible friend perched atop his whiskey bottle.

Nice hair though. I've always liked his hair.


Ti-Guy said...

That should be "yet more proof."

It's amazing how Hitchens argues like a common, garden-variety troll. All that non-declarative language...I get a hangover just reading it.

I hope the fucker dies of cirrhosis soon. Enough's enough.

Unknown said...

Hitchens is and has always been an eloquent writer and orator. It's just that now he's been recruited to defend the indefensible. Even a Hitchens couldn't pull it off.

I don't wish him ill. I just wish he'd take his soul off the market.

Joan Tintor said...

Yes, he does drink, and freely admits it.

canuckistanian said...

the past few years he has had the uncanny ability to get it wrong: big time. but his last fighting words column on slate was too much to stomach: it was just painfully pathetic. too bad, hitchens was able to 'grind my gears', but now my only response is secondary embarassment...poor chap.