Thursday, March 29, 2007

Conservapedia On Self-Pleasuring: You'll Go Blind!

A couple weeks ago I had my first encounter with Conservapedia, Andrew Schlafly's (Phyllis' son) attempt to produce a right-wing equivalent to wikipedia. At the time, I wrote:

[Conservapedia] looks like a hoot! I'm waiting for their article on masturbation to appear.

Well, it finally has...or at least it had. Search the term now and you get the following message:

This page has been deleted and protected to prevent re-creation

As you may know, the contributors to Conservapedia are a bunch of "home schooled" teenagers from families with far-right political views. Apparently, when this article first appeared, none of them got any work done for a week. They went all cross-eyed, started walking into things, and made those "ibibibibibibibibibibibibi' noises you make when you run your finger up and down over your lips and blow.

College is going to be a real eye-opener for this bunch.

(Note: a list of Conservapedia's other protected/deleted pages can be found here.)


Anonymous said...

page deleted to prevent re-creation

Or was that recreation?


West End Bob said...

Tooooooooo Funny, including the re-creation/recreation point . . . Thanks for today's chuckle.

IslandLiberal said...

The quality of the entries on that site is just terrible.

bigcitylib said...


Yeah, it looks like the site has been hacked frequently. Or they don't know how stupid they sound.

Anonymous said...

blindness isn't the problem.

its becoming infected and thinking like a Liberal.

Ti-Guy said...

Stop plagiarising from Conservapedia, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

BCL fiddles while the LPC burns.

IslandLiberal said...

And that has what to do with anything?

ottlib said...

Crimany anonymous, wash your freaking hands before hand and you won't have to worry about getting any kind of infections.

If you happen to use some kind of implement for recreation then be certain to clean it out IMMEDIATELY after use.

These simple steps will allow you to enjoy hours of self-induced pleasure without having to worry about "going" Liberal.