Thursday, March 08, 2007

Liberals Close The Gap!

...marginally, in the latest Decima Poll as reported on

The Decima survey suggests the trend is behind the Conservatives’ six percentage point lead over the Liberals nationally — 35 to 29.

There is one huge silver lining for the Liberals though — they are way ahead of the Tories in Quebec, in a virtual tie with the Bloc Quebecois.

The survey, conducted last weekend, places the NDP at 15 per cent nationally, the Green party at 11 and the Bloc at seven.

Tories are down one and the Grits up two since last week, and the Tories are a mile from their precious Majority. Don't have time to write much on this, but if Dion can come up with a little more of this type of thing on the policy front, then I expect to see those numbers close up even further. And I am even more certain that WE WILL NOT HAVE A SPRING ELECTION!


Anonymous said...

I thought you no longer put any stock in polls?

Ti-Guy said...

Decoin, your dodges are pretty transparent, and your routine, rather hackneyed.

Show us yer tits instead!


Anonymous said...

Boy, what grown up and intelligent comments here.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, don't know what Hentai is, but apparently you do.

Are you now putting faith in polls that were pranked, couldn't be pranked, should have been pranked, don't know if they're pranked, what?

ti-guy, time to up your meds. Or lay off the recreational ones.

Ti-Guy said...

Sorry, don't know what Hentai is, but apparently you do.

You don't? Well, no fear. There's this thing called "Google," y'see, and when you type in a search term for a concept of which you are unfamiliar, you can..

...oh, never, mind. Show us yer tits!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, "I don't know what Hentai is" either!