Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Stupidest Thing She's Said Today

Chantal Hebert, who predicted an overwhelming victory by Charest until it looked like it wouldn't happen, and then predicted it wouldn't happen, who argued that S. Dion would tank in Quebec several hours after polls showed that he was regarded as a good choice for Lib Leader in that province, is now claiming that...wait for it...the provinces can no longer "blame Ottawa for poor services" now that Harper has coughed up high dough in the 2007 Federal budget.

Oh Chantal you silly rabbit! For one thing, not all the provinces were dealt with equally. Quebec got almost half the pie this year, and my province, the province of Ontario, the province that's always giving handouts to the other provinces when they whine, the only province without a separatist movement other than Newfoundland, the province that has played the historic role of holding the country together (along with the newfies)... we just got screwed slightly less than usual this time around. That billion bucks of oil money dropped from helicopters over Toronto and Ottawa? Chickenfeed, considering what we've done for this nation of miserable ingrates! Of course we want more... mo money mo money mo money! And Harper's the guy to take it from. Go get 'em Dalton McGuinty!

Furthermore, d'you think a would-be Premier of any province could run on a platform of "its not Ottawa's fault"? Bullshit! Hosing the feds for cash is what being a Premier is all about! It's tradition, a part of our national character. D'you think Harper's pathetic gesture is going to change a hundred years of Canadian history? Chantal, you are like a little child. The 2007 budget wasn't a french kiss; it didn't even involve any tongue! You should see what the Premiers are going ask Harper to do next year.


Anonymous said...

Still moaning the fact that a small c conservative party came from nowhere and thumped your far left PQ friends? Get over it, you ain't seen nothing yet.

DivaRachel said...

Just FYI: her name is ChantAl Hebert. There is no 'e' in Chantal.

bigcitylib said...


Meant to do that. But I've changed it now.

Anonymous said...

Dumont is NOT a Federalist. I think I'd wait and see before speculating on anything.

Ti-Guy said...

You should see what the Premiers are going ask Harper to do next year.

Inverted Camel or "Fruit Bowl?" Probably the latter, since Harper, judging from his prodigious paunch, probably has no strength in his lower back.

Get over it, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Au contraire, trolly-o. Harper has shown us all he has to show us. Well, except for the "Inverted Camel" thing.

Darren McEwen said...

She's talking as if she only knows anything about Quebec.

I respect Chantal and I know that's not the case. But lately, her obsession and narrow-mindedness toward Quebec and nothing else seems to really irritate me.

Anonymous said...

Ontario has held Canada together? Like how Britain held the Empire together? Keep those colonists sending raw material in to Ontario so the manufactured goods can be sold back to the 'hottentots' in Manitoba and Newfoundland. Thanks Ontario, thanks so much.