Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SSMarried In Canada, Screwed In Wyoming

I don't know why I should be the one to write about this stuff all the time, but some people apparently find that the Lifesite makes them feel "icky". In any case, this tells the story of a pair of unlucky Lesbians who obstinately persisted in manifest grave sin:

GILLETTE, Wyoming, March 12, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) – An activist lesbian couple “married” in Canada may no longer receive Holy Communion in the Catholic Church, after having been told by their pastor that their homosexual behavior and advocacy of same-sex unions prevent them from being Catholics in good standing.

A scandal I suppose, but frankly, who gives a shit if some priest won't give you any stupid magic crackers? Buy a box of goddamn ritz and scarf away!

And, if you've ever BNEed a Catholic church and got into their booze, you know that communion wine is the cheapest crap you can buy! I swear: they purchase it in six-packs, or sometimes as handy stir-in crystals! It's not fit for the worst sort of Rummy!

So why not just get a nice bottle of red, some cheese nips, curl up with your gay Catholic honey, and go nutz in the privacy of your own home. I mean, you can pretend that your eating the Deity anywhere, right?


Anonymous said...

I don't think that's a very productive attitude. Although I am by no means devout myself, I know many people who take the ceremony of their chosen religion very seriously, and it's as inappropriate for us to trivialize a couple's inability to participate in their religious community as it is for their priest to trivialize their feelings for each other.

IslandLiberal said...

Speaking as someone who goes to Church every Sunday, I'd appreciate a little less mockery.

I disagree with the Church's position on gay marriage, but the idea of Communion is that you are in communion (ie, agreement) with the Church, and this couple, whatever your opinion, is not in agreement with Catholic doctrine.

Ti-Guy said...

I don't know why I should be the one to write about this stuff all the time, but some people apparently find that the Lifesite makes them feel "icky".

Absolutely. Those sex-and-death obsessives give me the creeps.

Until the Catholic Church starts denying communion to all Catholics who aren't in good standing (the divorcé(e)s, the fornicators, the philanderers, the onanists, the kiddy-diddlers, the birth-control users...), treating people who refuse to be lying hypocrites should be roundly condemned by all good Catholics.

Anonymous said...

As a recovering Catholic, I can tell you that communion is the most bizarre ceremony you could imagine. But what do you expect from a nutty religion that was stolen from an even nuttier religion 2000 years ago??

Anonymous said...

LOL - birth control. The Catholic Church was a major shareholder in the birth control pill years ago when they first came out. I think Mike Wallace was on them about it years ago.

I doubt they are now - they would probably pull out because they have been found out.