Friday, March 30, 2007

They Hate Calgary More!

From Bill Kaufman's Calgary Sun column:

A certain critical mass has been reached when your city [Calgary] supplants Toronto as the prime bull's-eye of organized, glossy loathing.

And about time, too. As a Torontonian, it's a weight off my shoulders. But what exactly is "glossy loathing"?

PS. Kaufman also mentions the Calgarysucks website, which is good for a cheap yuck but doesn't boast much content.


Anonymous said...

Are the Leafs moving to Calgary ??

bigcitylib said...

You want em? You can have em.

Anonymous said...

Ontario . . soooo screwed up . . .

Ontario energy executives top gov't salary list

Updated Fri. Mar. 30 2007 12:40 PM ET

The number of Ontario public sector workers earning a salary of $100,000 or more grew by 24 per cent in 2006, with former Hydro One CEO Tom Parkinson topping the annual list.

Parkinson, who quit in December after an auditor's report raised questions about expense claims he billed to the transmission utility, earned $1.69 million in 2006.

Anonymous said...

So many hogtowners there now it's stinking the place up. It's become Don Mills fer cris' sakes. Yuk!

Anonymous said...

Lol, it's just Suburbanites (aka the Rest of Alberta).

Once you leave Calgary, you start noticing the Anti-Calgary Sentiment. It's a growing attitude in Alberta. One of the reasons Dinning lost the leadership was that he was from Calgary.

It doesn't help that Calgarians think we are the Centre of the Alberta Universe (hence my suburbanites joke).

As for the Leafs, no thanks. We'll keep our Flames.

Ti-Guy said...

As an Ontarian, I can tell you that Toronto did, for a time, deserve its reputation. The people were distant and unspontaneous and the civic culture was, well...positively Calgarian.

But, times change. Toronto is big and diverse, the food is better and the service is genuinely friendlier.

Personally, I like Calgary; but I tell you, the people who claim to speak for the place aren't doing it any favours.

bigcitylib said...


When I came out from the West Coast it seemed that everyone was on a schedule. Now I wonder if I've got that way. Now it bugs me when people are late.

Ti-Guy said...

You have to make a point of leaving Toronto/GTA every so often. Although it's not nearly as repressive as it used to be, it still bugs me to be around people who think rushing makes them look important. As someone who never rushes but is almost always on time, I've never understood that.

I loathed Toronto when I was in my 20's, but I've moved around quite a bit since then and don't find the place exceptionally awful anymore. The worst city in the world (even though I love it) is Paris, with Jerusalem and Hong Kong vying for second place.

Of course, I've never been to Buenos Aires. Maybe it's awful too...

Regarding being late...I just always make it clear what my tolerance for tardiness is. With chronically late people, it's usually about an hour. With most others, it's about 15 minutes.

Anonymous said...

More ignorance, intolerance, hatred, and provincial bigotry from the Left. "If you aren't like us, then we hate you because YOU'RE intolerant." Or is it envy?