Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Army Chief: Homosexual Acts Are Immoral, Satanists And Witches Apparently OK

Yesterday, Marine General Peter Pace, the chairman of the US military Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he backed the Pentagon's "don't ask, don't tell" limits on gays serving in the military because he believed homosexual acts were immoral. He then issued a statement expressing mild regret when his earlier remarks were condemned by gay activists and a number of U.S. politicians.

And in related news, the U.S. military discharged 612 homosexuals in fiscal 2006.

But while General Pace and the other Joint Chiefs seem happy to engage in a witch-hunt against gays, the U.S. army seems to have no problem with actual witches. For example, in the mid-1990s Fort Hood, Texas, approved the existence of a wiccan coven on base property, even allowing them a"grassy mound" where they could wave their knives over a giant ball of salt and worship the blessed Earth.

And of course the infamous Army Pamphlet 165-13, entitled "Religious Requirements and Practices of Certain Selected Groups: A Handbook For Chaplains", instructed army priests on fulfilling the spiritual needs of any Satanists that they might run across in the service (in case of death: call the Central Grotto).

Not that I have anything against wiccans and devil-worshippers, especially the kind of devil worshipper under consideration in 165-13. The memo originally dates from 1970 something, and the Church of Satan adherents an army chaplain was likely to encounter at that time were a strain of Secular Humanist rather than the "kill them and eat their flesh" variety of Satanist preferred by your typical modern teenager.

But if the U.S. army is willing to accommodate these guys, you would think that the whole "immorality" horse has long since fled the stable. On the other hand you would think that, if General Pace and the Joint Chiefs were really serious about cleaning up "immorality" in the forces, they might start with worshippers of the Dark One and work their way slowly towards gays and lesbians.

But apparently they have other priorities.


Anonymous said...

What has sexual orientation have to do with being able to shoot - nadda.

Like Hillier, this Pace guy is getting too, too political.

Anonymous said...

This post was nothing but inflammatory hogwash.
The ban against homosexuals in the military is wrong.
But to say:
"But if the U.S. army is willing to accommodate these guys, you would think that the whole "immorality" horse has long since fled the stable. "

So does that mean that you think Wiccans are immoral? Its ok to slam other religions now?
comments like that are not helping anyone.

Sinestra said...

Discrimination against gays is wrong. However Wicca is a recognised religion in the US, so I think your example is in itself a mite discriminatory. What you probably don't know is that military Wiccans have fought a long time for holidays to be recognised, to have religious symbols on their tombstones in military cemeteries. Nothing wrong with witches, either.

bigcitylib said...

Bemused, Sinestra,

You don't see the slightest bit of irony in actively running gays out of the military while accepting witches and Satanists?

bigcitylib said...

No, what I am suggesting is that IF you see homosexual activity as immoral, it should be difficult if not impossible to accept witchcraft or Satanism. Yet the U.S. army does.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you look and see what you are talking about.
Wicca is a recognized religion that is protected under the law.
Homosexuality has nothing to do with religion, BTW.

And by not being allowed to kick Wiccans out, doesnt mean the army really supports it, and actually makes it easy either.
Its still a battle being waged.
Dont label one minority as "immoral" to support another. Simple. That kind of language furthers no ones agenda.

canuckistanian said...

funny post bcl, as per usual. i think the don't ask don't ell policy should stand...its the only easy way out of the military right now. don't wanna go to iraq??? just tell your commander he's "lookin' mighty fine in them jeans"

Ti-Guy said...

BCL, your trolls are such literalists.

These people must be dull at parties...

Anonymous said...

Well, the army can use witches and satanists to fight the enemy.

Hillier, political? You're on crack. The guy's sole focus and loyalty is on the military, he'll slag anybody who diminishes our capabilities. It is just coincidence that it was Liberals who gutted the military.