Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Ban On Smoking In Apartment Buildings?

The Star piece is alarmist, as are Furious Geroge Smitherman's remarks in it re debating a ban on smoking in apartment buildings. Nor are they in line with the Ontario Tobacco-Free Network's intent in conducting the research upon which this story is based. The message in the poll is that a majority of apartment dwellers would move to a smoke free building if the option was available to them. The OTN's message is that this fact should be an incentive for landlords (and maybe one day new condo-developers) to offer smoke-free buildings. All perfectly free-market.

PS. I don't smoke and have no qualms with curtailing the rights of our smelly, yellow-toothed brothers and sisters (because they can't throw two punches without spitting up phlegm and can't run very fast). But this is just stupid.


Anonymous said...

wait until they ban farting . . . just think of the methane being expelled and warming up our global lobster boil of an atmosphere.

bigcitylib said...

If they ban farting, I'm outta here.

Ti-Guy said...

I was reading a similar article in the G&M today that started to bug me. I smoke, but for years now, I smoke outside, all the time. It seems some people want to ban smoking on balconies.

Come...on. Some people are really just annoyed by the smell, even if they only catch a fleeting whiff of it. Sorry, but if we're going to start outlawing bad smells, we're going to start with my pet peeve...BO. Then on to bad breath, smelly feet, farting, cheap colognes, perfumes and body sprays and the cities of Cornwall, Ontario and Thurso, Quebec.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? You stinkin' liberals are the KINGS of banning! This is the first time I've seen you knobs OPPOSE a ban. Ban pit bulls. Ban handguns. Ban 'assault rifles'. Ban handgun ammunition. Ban fast food. Ban knives. Etc.

But I guess since it may affect YOU in future - B.O., bad breath, stinky feet - NOW you're starting to understand what rights actually mean. Somebody else's rights? Who cares! My rights? Don't you DARE think of taking away MY rights! It's in the constitution for me to stink!

You're late to the party, but welcome to the world of actually defending rights, not just giving lip service to it.