Monday, March 12, 2007

Environmentalism And The New World Order

One of the more coherent formulations to be found in the Conservapedia comes from their article on Global Warming:

Conservatives who are opposed to the political proposals that flow from acceptance of the theory [of Global Warming], are properly skeptical of the motivations of the theorists.... Many believe global warming is simply a liberal talking point, aimed at shackling profitable oil and power companies, forcing them to pursue a "green" agenda that environmentalists agree with.

I think this is mostly wrong, and have written here that the Kyoto protocol, for example, has been explicitly designed to operate within the parameters of Global Capitalism.

So it doesn't really help when the likely next Prime Minister of England starts calling for a "new world order" to help fight climate change. Sheesh!

And, oh yes, carbon offsets amount to paying money NOW for the right to pollute NOW while hoping that the money paid goes towards emissions cuts somewhere down the road and around the bend. They're a crock.

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