Monday, March 19, 2007

Greenpeace Takes PM Hostage!

From Kate's comments:

ctv newsnet just reporting that some "geenpeacers" have chained themselves to 24 Sussex Drive.. PMSH and family, being"held hostage", as Marcia McMillan LAUGHINGLY reports! Bob Fife says RCMP having trouble getting chains removed, and PMSH may not make it to the House, for reading of the budget.

And Bourque has found the picture above , which confirms the situation!

Sources claim that Stephen Harper has gone ape-shit, with glowing red eyes and the whole bit! He's having a major "glycemic event" (a sweat session), and he's losing fluids faster than the Antarctic glaciers. Apparently, he's already burned through three outfits. Pretty soon he'll be down to that tight little gay cowboy outfit he wore to the stampede last year, and which he may have to wear to the HOC!

Observers can hear him inside 24 Sussex, complaining to the RCMP re their slow progress. Something like: "I'll saw their F#$&ing arms off my own goddamn self!"

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

the orange jump suits make them look like they are on chain gang . maybe they are cleaning up dog shit off the lawn.

Cops should arrive, put THEIR locks on the protesters and tell them they will be back in a few days when they have time to do the paperwork associated with these morons

A couple days of them shitting their pants might help them get a real life.


We'll log the other planets later

bigcitylib said...


You seem angry.

Ti-Guy said...

That's not anger. That's just conservative humour.

I just heard on the radio that Lurleen Harper was so distraught she broke into the Mila Mulroney Memorial Medicine Chest and had swallowed a fistful of papier-mâché display Xanax before she could be restrained.

Anonymous said...

Unleash the hounds.

Luke said...

Read the story. By the time they arrived, Stephen Harper had already left, and his kids were at school.

If you're going to pen someone in their home on a Monday morning, you have to arrive before 10am. If these people actually had to work for a living, maybe they would know this.

Mark said...

As much as I might relish the thought of Harper being penned up for the day, these protesters are idiots.

We're lucky to live in a country where people can walk by the PM's residence, without seing a dozen armed guards and the like. Kids trick or treat at 24 Sussex every Hallowe'en, etc.

Chaining the gates of the PM's house got these folks no more media attention than the protest would have gotten anyway. Instead, the RCMP wil likely do a scuity review and we'll see some ugly concrete barricade added to the front of the property.


Anonymous said...


Oh that's a BEAUTIFUL solution! I love that idea!

"Alert the local villages; some of their idiots have gone missing."

Anonymous said...

Mark if you're right and the Mounties fly off the handle over this, there are going to be lots of MPs getting mean letters from people who don't want 24 Sussex to look like the US Embassy.