Sunday, March 25, 2007

So You Think YOU'RE Oppressed?

Last week congressman Pete Stark, Democrat from San Francisco, broke maybe the last U.S. political taboo:

He became the first member of Congress to say publicly that he doesn't believe in "a supreme being." The next most powerful politician to identify himself as a "non-theist" in response to a question by the Secular Coalition for America was a school board president in Berkeley.

Some described Stark's admission as "coming out of the closet." Others rued the fact that God was not on his side. A spokesman for the Concerned Women for America unabashedly bashed him, saying that "a Christian worldview is proper for a politician to have."

Even though the non-religious make up about 16% of the Canadian population, I am unaware of any Canadian politician that has had the guts to make a similar announcement. I am sure they're out there; I once had a poli-sci teacher explain to me that we Godless tend to skew fairly heavily NDP, so everyone knows where to look.

Since we have a gay as the head of the PQ, and have already had a female PM, I guess I am a member of one of the last truly victimized groups in the country. I'll never realize my dream of falling asleep in the Senate when Harper makes it an elected body.

If anyone feels guilty and wants to buy me lunch, I'm up for it.


Ti-Guy said...

Heathen. Repent, the end is nigh.

Only in America (or possibly late-bronze age Persia) can manichaeism like this be taken as a serious issue in politics.

Anonymous said...

Stephane Dion will be the first agnostic PM if he wins the next election.