Monday, March 12, 2007

Stockwell Day Talks Turkey

I missed this one, apparently, but on March 1st, Stockwell Day was keynote speaker at the 2007 annual fundraising dinner for the Kawartha Wild Turkeys chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (they're Turkey hunters).

No word as to what was one the menu.

Hopefully this is the kind of story where the punchlines write themselves, because I can't think of any.


MgS said...

Clearly, they missed the one on the stage...

Anonymous said...

Did Doris Day talk turkey or was "he the turkey"?

This should be clarified because both fit well.

Anonymous said...

Did Stockwell Day's invitation read: "Your attendance at our dinner would be most welcome."?
He's a pretty skinny and gamey bird, but he if he offers... saves a bullet!