Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Clean Coal Craps Out In Sask.

Too damn expensive to build, and the Sask. Party crying boondoggle. Oh yeah, and there was a minor safety issue. If the captured CO2, which was to be stored underground, ever leaked from a pipeline:

... the heavy, odourless gas [might] collect in a deep valley pocket, for example.

"People could walk into this cloud of CO2, not realise it, and be asphyxiated by it," said Julia Race, an expert in pipeline engineering at Britain's Newcastle University.

Might be cheaper just to practice the three Rs, no?


Anonymous said...

That's a great idea; take a completely harmless and natural environmental component, concentrate it and endanger the lives of people, all to fight the boogeyman.

What other idiotic things do you greenies come up with? Why don't you ever come up with things which actually help? Like preserving wetlands, researching better forestry or mining processes? Use facts and evidence, not socialist ideology to help people. We all know how well that works - NOT.

Ti-Guy said...

the heavy, odourless gas [might] collect in a deep valley pocket, for example.

"People could walk into this cloud of CO2, not realise it, and be asphyxiated by it..."

Oh, let's not be too hasty here. Is Delisle in a valley by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Well anonymous, no one is stopping YOU from preserving wetlands or researching better forestry or mining processes. Let us know when you've accomplished those things.

Anonymous said...

Just nobody tell the greenies that the magnetic poles are moving AWAY from the Earth's axis of rotation. Now THERE'S a doomsday scenario!

Anonymous said...

WE are trying to do those sorts of things. However, you eco-knobs don't see the value in actual pragmatic research. You'd much rather follow the trendy herd about some other non-existant but exciting fashion of the day threat to the world, which will never actually happen. You make everybody waste time, money, and effort fighting against your stupid antics and childish demands that REAL progress is hindered. We expend too much energy arguing with you, forgetting that you idiots can't be reasoned with. All the lame excuses sprout up - you're paid off by Big Oil, you're Conservative, there's a conspiracy, hidden agenda, Americanisation, blah blah blah. When we put all the facts in your face that you are completely wrong, you still carry on as if you're right. Liberal means never having to admit you're wrong.

It's like arguing science with social workers. It's asking responsibility from spoiled brats. It's debating religion with people completely ignorant of it. You feel that even though you have no knowledge, concept, or experience on a particular subject matter, that you still feel your opinion is 'valid'.

Socialism is a mental disorder. How you people function on a daily basis is beyond me.

Simon Donner said...

CCS isn't impossible if the geology is right. The lesson from this story isn't to abandon attempts at CCS but to abandon this mistaken belief that it can be installed perfectly everywhere and we can go on burning coal without emitting any CO2.

bigcitylib said...


You are right. Most credible CO2 reduction plans have a sequestration component. I was just getting in a few cheap shots.