Sunday, September 09, 2007

Rough Ride For Bourque

Conservative news aggregater and part-time race-car driver Pierre Bourque has had a rough couple of weeks en-route to the Chicagoland Arca 200 in Joliette, Ill. It began with having a car stolen, continued with a spin-out in practice which totalled another(?)/the same(?) car:

The qualifying session was delayed for several minutes after Pierre Bourque spun in the No. 62 La Raza-ImpreMedia Chevrolet Monte Carlo. He was examined and released from the infield care center. The team has reverted to a back-up car and Bourque will start Saturday’s Chicagoland ARCA 200 in the 40th position, utilizing a provisional starting position.

...and ended with a dismal 25th place showing at the race itself.

As noted above, I don't know whether Bourque ever got his original stolen vehicle back. Witnesses to the act, however, reported that they had never seen the car driven so fast.

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Anonymous said...

If you think that Bourque is a pathetic race car driver, you should have seen him when he ran for the Liberals in the riding of Rosemont in 1993.

Bourque had a phobia concerning public speaking and once escaped from a function so as not to give a speech.

The guy knew next to nothing about politics and policy, and chose to waste his time by going door to door without having anything to say.

At one point, a voter started following him and throwing glasses of water in his face.