Monday, September 24, 2007

Free Dominion Update: Bits And Bites

Not much to report on Richard Warman's libel suit against Free Dominion. Connie is contemplating some new security measures (screening software) to keep the people too wingy even for Free-D from posting material that will get the Board into trouble in the future. Seems white nationalists have been popping up left right and center since this whole thing started.

One interesting note. Several years ago Warman took on the Neo-Nazi organization known as Storm Front. At the time he "infiltrated" the groups forum and posted on numerous occasions using the name "Pogue Mahone" (Irish for "Kiss My Ass"). So...not entirely without a sense of humour.


Ti-Guy said...

*tsk*...Those white nationalists. Why do they insist on bother Connie Wilkins?

buckets said...

It seems to me that FD's measures are likely to be self-defeating. The more careful FD becomes in screening users and/or comments, the more liable it becomes to any defamatory comments that are made there. And given the nonsense that is posted on a regular basis, it is only a matter of time before someone else is defamed, and someone else files suit.

Anonymous said...

Let FD install screening and moderating devices. That'll ensure that only the converted will be posted and the converted will be able to read it.

Outsiders are not welcome, apparently.

Over time, FD will appeal to an ever diminishing cirle and will cease to be meaningful in any measure. Sort of what it is today.