Friday, September 14, 2007

They Huffed And They Puffed

...but Canada's chief electoral officer, Marc Mayrand, stood firm. Our electoral laws will not get rewritten on the fly by the Elections Canada bureaucracy so that purely hypothetical burqa-wearing Muslim women can be hassled during next week's Quebec by-elections.

Any bets on where this ends? I say it peters out after some additional mumbling and grumbling, because any rewrite of the Elections Act that is not obviously racist will have to figure out how to let (for example) Canadian Snowbirds vote by mail while meeting some kind of photo ID requirement.

In any case, RT is still on this, and LK has also picked up the gauntlet. I will probably have nothing more to say today, as I am in meetings all morning and all afternoon.

PS. The comments on the CTV story linked above are really quite encouraging. The vast majority of posters seem to have figured out that its the government and opposition parties who screwed-up in this case. And this realization seems to extend across the political spectrum.


Anonymous said...

More than the issue - I'm disturbed about Harper's interference in a supposedly independant entity and wonder if he's interferes with the RCMP too.

This is disturbing!

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I reckon Harper answered that question about the RCMP when he deployed them as party goons to keep the press out of teh hotel where they held their policy conference.

I'm glad Mayrand stood his ground. How long before he's fired?


bigcitylib said...

Good to see you back JimBobby.

Anonymous said...

If Mayrand is fired and/or suddenly resigns I think there should be an inquiry of all the fired/resignations in the last 18 months - under "oath". Something smells here.

Oldschool said...

Remember when the Lone Ranger showed up at the polls with two pieces of ID?
Was he allowed to vote!!! Of course not, the Cdn tradition is that you present yourself, with two pieces of ID and cast your ballet. You don't appear looking like a bank robber and expect equal treatment . . . who's behind the curtain?? No one knows!!
Until we become part of the "Caliphat" everyone needs to have the same rules.
Looney lefties take multiculturalism to the absurd fringes!!!

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Hey Oldschool, what do you suppose the voters who mail in their ballots are wearing when the put their ballot in the mailbox? If we allow ballots to be sent in by postal mail with absolutely no visual ID of the voter, how can we restrict those who show up to vote in person?

Ti-Guy said...

"Cast your ballet..."


Anonymous said...

Oldschool, which ballet are you casting? Swan Lake? Nutcracker?

Yeah, must be the latter.

Voter since 1974 and I have never been asked for ID at a polling station in those 33 years, how 'bout you?

Anonymous said...

Yes, because wearing a hockey mask to vote is racist. What a twit.