Monday, September 24, 2007

The Wheels Are Coming Off...

...the John Tory Tories.

Queen's Park BureauJohn Tory ran into more trouble over his promise to extend taxpayer funding to religious schools today when one of his Progressive Conservative MPPs broke ranks and said he'd vote against the plan.

Bill Murdoch, the member for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, became the first Tory MPP to say he could not support the controversial promise.

If Leadership is what matters, what does it say when your own team refuses to get in line?

PS This is hilarious. I hate John Tory's religious schools policy because I think it will allow Evangelicals to teach Creationism. Long time Tory supporter Richard Gingerich hates it because he thinks Tory is chasing the "ethnic vote", and Social Conservatives hate it because they think it means participating schools will have to teach the gay agenda.

Ontario, diverse yet united! Thank you John Tory.


Anonymous said...

Paul S. gave me genital warts. It won't make me believe in science just yet, but I must say, I'm conflicted.

900ft Jesus said...

good that the wheels are falling off. Just let Tory the moron talk and talk, and it's a sure win for the Liberals.