Wednesday, September 26, 2007

John Tory: You're Saying He's A Jail Bird?

From Apply Liberally, John Tory on Conservative candidate Randy Hillier:

JOHN TORY: I'll be very truthful with you about that. No double-speak. They’re all vetted to see if there is anything in their background in terms of brushes with the law or any of those kinds of things that would disqualify them form being a candidate it's done before the nomination process so that you don't, it's not too late and we looked at his entire background and I can tell you this man has had no brushes with the law.

CALLER: Whoa, back up. Back up. He's been incarcerated before.

JOHN TORY: Look at that, if that is true, I'm not familiar with that but I mean I can tell you there was a check on his background. What was he incarcerated for?

Apparently, the background check didn't involve spending 0.38 seconds to run the terms "Randy Hillier arrested" through Google and having someone read the results.

However, it is nice to see Mr. Tory willing to take a hard line. Apparently, he "mentioned over the phone" to Mr. Hillier that the law should apply to everyone when Randy was out there blocking traffic on the 401.

h/t also to AYKM? and the Steel City Grit.


Anonymous said...

You don't even know what the word incarcerated means, do you?

It does not mean the same as arrested. It is not uncommon for citizens to get arrested and not be incarcerated.

Show us the evidence that Randy Hillier was actually incarcerated at any point or withdraw the false allegation.

bigcitylib said...

incarceration = "To imprison; to confine in a jail or prison"

From Canada Free Press

"...president Randy Hillier was arrested and detained for trespassing in Cornwall"

"Sergeant O'Reilly entered Hillier's cell at approximately 10:30 a.m. and requested that Hillier agree..."

I've changed the link to the CanadaFreePress story because the Ott Cit one disappeared behind a fire-wall. But is that clear enough?

Anonymous said...

You leftwing knobs seem to think being arrested is a badge of honour for your protesting creds. So, put up or shut up.

Ted Betts said...

Hillier is not the issue here.

The issue is Tory lying when he says that they vet their candidates or is he lying when he says he does not apply a different set of rules and principles for white and native protesters?

Tory should read his own campaign slogan: leadership does indeed matter, John.

Ti-Guy said...

You leftwing knobs seem to think being arrested is a badge of honour for your protesting creds. So, put up or shut up.

Yawohl, mein F├╝hrer!

Anonymous said...

NASA scientist James E. Hansen, who has publicly criticized the Bush administration for dragging its feet on climate change and labeled skeptics of man-made global warming as distracting "court jesters," appears in a 1971 Washington Post article that warns of an impending ice age within 50 years.

One of yoyur boys eh ??

900ft Jesus said...

Both Hillier and Tory are liars. Hillier was arrested for blocking a government building. He also preached civil disobedience when he was head of the Landowners' association in Lanark county, stating that governement should keep its hands off our land, shouldn't impose environmental or other legislation on us. I find it funny that Tory told him over the phone that the same law applies to all. That's what Hillier said recently about Natives camped on their own land which a mining company wants to access. Yet he himself thought such laws didn't apply to him when he was kissing up for support in Lanark in a bid to become PC rep.

Tory is obviously lying. Anyone doubting that, go to Google and look up Hillier. It isn't exactly hidden that he was charged for civil disobedience. He was proud of it...when it served his purpose.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 1:13

Please check your source. Dr. Hansen wrote a computer program that the two scientists used to do their research. He was not an author on the paper and there is no indication whether he agrees or disagrees with the results.

John Cross

Anonymous said...

Holy Unga Bunga.

With this ignorant dolt as leader why not just declare Ontario forever a liberal province.

Just what we need a rural terrorist running a newly far reich wing PC party.