Friday, September 07, 2007

SoCons Turn On Tory's Faith-Based School Iniative

Tory plan seen by some as first step to forcing all private schools to absorb Ontario government's full secular curriculum

That's the lead-in to a Lifesite story on John Tory's rapidly imploding plan to allow public funding for religious schools. Ontario SoCons are worried that the limits John Tory's plan would impose on teaching Creationism (only in Religious Studies class) would eventually force Christian-based private schools to embrace the Homosexual Agenda!

In order to receive [John Tory's] money , however, privately run schools would have to teach the Ontario curriculum, follow standardized testing and have accredited teachers. While it would be optional at first, Tory's proposed solution could eventually force all schools to comply with the Ontario curriculum sections that mandate such things as acceptance of feminism and homosexuality, graphic sex education, teaching of evolution as complete fact and other problematic topics for those from religions of traditional moral, family and other core principles.

There's just no pleasing some folk.

In fact, the Lifesite comes perilously close to endorsing Dalton McGuinty's approach to this issue:

Dalton McGuinty, on the other hand, says he wants to leave the situation stand as it is. As he told a conference of municipal delegates, "You don't improve a community's schools, you don't build community when you take half a billion (dollars) out of publicly funded schools to fund private religious schools as the Conservatives are promising to do."

Not a bad word to say about it. On the other hand, the desperate strait John Tory has talked himself into can be seen from the fact that Flanders himself, the Superduper SoCon Power Ranger, has crapped all over his plan:

Commenting on the situation, John Pacheco, political activist and former Director of Finance of a private Catholic school told, "Once the Catholic school system accepted money, it made it easier for secular ideology to creep into the schools. As soon as we allow the government to dictate what curriculum to use, they can withdraw funding if we don't meet the standards."

Apparently, only the unfettered presentation of Creationist thinking will really do.


Suzanne said...

Actually, Catholics don't necessarily go for creationism. It tends to be an Evangelical thing (though not exclusively).

bigcitylib said...

...although the Pope seemed to be flirting with it for awhile.

Just as an aside, d'you agree with his point that the Cath system essentially sold out and diluted its teachings by taking money?

Anonymous said...

Such discrimination and intolerance on the part of the Left. Religion must be banned because it competes for the minds of people; you neo-coms don't want competition from everybody, and wish to dictate terms to everybody about everything.

Ti-Guy said...


Ti-Guy said...

Just as an aside, d'you agree with his point that the Cath system essentially sold out and diluted its teachings by taking money?

John Pacheco's lying about that and I'm sure SUZANNE will too.

..and by lying, I mean asserting things they have no way of knowing. Notice how secular ideology remained undefined. He's doesn't even know how to operationalise that concept.

canuckistanian said...

"He's doesn't even know how to operationalise that concept."

i'm telling...ti-guy is a smug intellectual who lives in an ivory tower. operationalise 'that' ;-).

Ti-Guy said...

I only use "operationalise" because these SoCons refer to so-called research to back up their claims. I'm holding them to the same standard of the "researchers" who produce the source material they rely on.

Anonymous said...

How embarassing it must be to have a spelling error in the headline of a post dealing with education. :)

bigcitylib said...


Meant to.

Anonymous said...

I posted the Catholic news article on Pope Benedict's 'flirting' with the idea.

It was merely that.


Anonymous said...

So religious people don't belong to 'the community' in your little elitist, exclusive, intolerant world?