Thursday, September 13, 2007

John Tory: I Promise To Yank on My Own NeckTie until It Hurts!

John Tory promised this morning to spend up to $1.3 billion to install scrubbers on the smoke-stacks at Nanticoke and then shut down the coal fired generator afterwards...way, way afterwards.

He also claimed to have worked "hard" as a senior partner at his daddy's firm, Tory, Tory DesLauriers & Binnington, and that he is "proud" of his role as CEO of Rogers Cable, where he helped fuck up high-speed Internet connections all over Canada.

Stop! Stop! This is too easy! It's like beating up a small child!


Anonymous said...

meanwhile Steffi is being fisked as a lying moron, who was briefed Kyoto was un-doable, but went ahead and sponsored a huge UN Believers shindig while he was being briefed on how Canada could de-certify Kyoto as early as 2009.

No need for those scrubbers

Anonymous said...

I wish he'd just shut down your power plants right now . . .

Typical Liberal. Tell the people what they want to hear, but secretly do nothing about it because you know Kyoto is impossible. The difference with Harper is that he knew Kyoto was crap, tried to tell the people it was crap, but the ignorant half of Canada still wants to "do something", so Harper is now trying to actually something albeit outside of Kyoto because Kyoto is crap.

In short,

Dion knew the truth, and lied for political gain.

Harper knew the same truth, and tried to convince Cdns of the truth at his own political risk. There is a huge difference between these two individuals. Harper tried to do the righ thing; Dion is just a political suck-up toady.

Anonymous said...

Harper is lying now to keep his oil friends rich.

Thats much easier to understand than your grand conspiracy theory.

Ever hear of Ockhams razor?

If not do everyone a favour and get a real razor, then get in the bath tub and end our misery.

Your nothing but a useless collection of body parts.

Anonymous said...

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JimBobby said...

Whooee! I hate to say it but Tory makes sense on Nanticoke. The Grits are all snuggled in with Bruce Power, AECL and the nuke industry lobby. They plan to spend $40 billion on new nuke plants despite the pitiful record of that industry. We are still paying for past mistakes and massive cost overruns on every single nuke project ever done in Ontario. Ginty wants to spend more and that earmarked-for-nuclear money is preventing real, quick, effective action.

Some of us who live next door to Nanticoke been keepin' up on the options. Read all about our situation here.

I intend to vote Green an' there's a bluejillion things I don't like about Tory but, dang it all, my local PC MPP is the only one who hasn't been bought an' paid for by the nuke lobby. If the local race gets close, I might vote strategically. For the first and hopefully only time in my life, Ginty's blind, wrongheaded push for nuclear power may have me voting PC.


900ft Jesus said...

jimbobby, in my region, PC is the only one not in favour of a moratoriyum on uranium mining. There's a fight going on there, with locals and aboriginals trying to stop such a mine. Local PC candidate Hillier says it would be good for business. The other three parties have asked for an immidiate moratorium.

John Tory already told us he won't stop the mine, so I doubt any regional reps will beat him out, when it comes down to it.

Anonymous said...

You want to 'save the environment', but you don't want to be inconvenienced about it. Somebody else should suffer.

You want coal plants shut down NOW, but you don't want nuclear instead. So you want to have the same power without coal plants and without nuclear, and you want this now.

Coal plants in Canada MUST be shut down, but the thousands in China that are puking out REAL pollution that kills people, don't seem to be a problem.

You want to shut down oil & gas in Alberta, as long as you can still buy all the cheap foreign gas you need for your giant suv or truck.

You not only want to have your cake and eat it, too, but you also tell the other guy that not only can he not have any cake, but you want him to pay for yours as well. Now that's socialism in action.

Anonymous said...

Are you focusing on the Ontario election because the Liberal by-election predictions look so terrible for you guys? I'm surprised - how come you're not putting up polling predictions for those ridings?

900ft Jesus said...

anonymous at 3:14

who is "you?" Anyone concerned about the environment I've spoken to doesn't just expect to have to change aspects of their lives, they want to.

We expect to be inconvenienced, expect to do without some things, but we realize the greater cost if we don't change. So, come up with a different argument. "You" may not want to make changes in your life for the sake of world stability, health, safety, and future generations, but we do.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! 900footer, I was wonderin' who Anon meant by "you," too. I thought it might be me since I'm against the ridiculous notion that nuclear power is a sensible solution. I've spent a lot of time researchin' an' when you take all things into consideration -- like uranium mining, uranium transportation, storage of spent nuclear fuel, the warming of lakes and rivers by using 20,000 litres of cooling water per minute, per reactor -- nuclear is not a good alternative. Perhaps the worst part of Ginty's commitment to nukes is the fact that these mega projects rob time and money from doable alternatives.

I fiigered "you" couldn't o' meant me on accounta, even though I'm anti-nuke, I sed I might vote PC and that Tory was makin' the right noises on Nanticoke.

While scrubbers don't address teh GHG issue, carbon sequestration is being investigated both for Nanticoke and for the tar sands. The Nanticoke/Lake Erie area has considerable seismic activity. We also got a few gas wells out in the pond an' here on shore. Them gas wells indicate underground storage space fer sequestratin' the dang CO2.

I also knew "you" couldn't be referrin' to me on accounta I don't expect to help save ol' Mother Earth without makin' some lifestyle adjustments. A few months back, I wrote up a boog story on a lotta the green stuff I do in my personal life.

Stuff like:
I got rid of my old gas-guzzling Econoline and replaced it with... nothing. I don't own a motor vehicle.

I wear long underwear an' sweaters in the winter so's I can keep the thermostat turned down low.

I spent a coupla thousand t' replace a perfectly good low efficiency gas furnace with a high efficiency model.

I don't own any gas-powered toys like snowmobiles or motor bikes or ATV's an' I won't ride on anybuddy else's pollutin' toys.

I don't own a snowblower an' I spend plenty o' back-breakin' hours shovellin'.

I push a non-motorized lawn mower in the summertime.

I put out lots more in my blue box than in my trash an' spend time sortin' the recyclable stuff.

I got 3 compost bins workin' in my backyard and every bit o' compostable kitchen and yard waste goes in 'em.

I use rechargeable batteries in most everything that takes batteries.

I try t' do my shoppin' close by so's I can walk. If I hafta go somewhere too far fer walkin', I tag along with somebuddy who's already goin' t' where I need t' go.

I replaced my perfectly good 40 year-old toilet with one that uses a lot less water an' I don't flush every time I take a leak.

Nobuddy paid me t' do those things. Sum of 'em save me money, sum don't. Up until recently, water was not metered in my town so changin' toilets didn't save anything fer the first 5 years, or so.

I don't own a dishwasher an' when Ma's big family comes 'round fer Christmas, we use china plates an' glass drinkware an' we wash the dishes in the sink. I wrap Christmas presents in wrappin' paper I save from when sumbuddy gives me sumpin'.

I carry 'round a white handkerchief in my pocket so's I don't buy Kleenex. I wipe up spills with a tea towel so's I don't buy paper towels.

I wash my clothes usin' soap that works good in cold water. I hang 'em out on the clothesline fer dryin'.

I ain't sprayed on deodorant in over 35 years. I ain't never sprayed on hairspray. I don't buy spray cans o' paint or WD40.

I buy used clothes from Valu Village. I give used clothes t' Valu Village an' t' the Sally Ann.

I dig the dandelions outta my grass an' don't use any poisons on the lawn or garden.

Other stuff, too.

I get danged pissed off at numbnutses who try sayin' treehuggers are all hypocrits drivin' SUV's an' settin' in air-conditioned mansions. Most folks I know have made lifestyle changes to try helpin' ol' Mother Earth. Yeah, there are a few hypocrits just like everywhere. Most ain't that way an' I reckon anonnynumbnuts knows it.


Anonymous said...

"jimbobby, in my region, PC is the only one not in favour of a moratoriyum on uranium mining."

Great! So Dalton is going to blow $40 billion on new nuclear reactors and purposely limit the uranium supply. Great economics.

It's almost certain that the day those reactors get built the moratorium will be lifted which makes it effectively meaningless.