Monday, September 10, 2007

Kudos To McGuinty; Sucks To Jack Layton

A gutsy call by the Premier of Ontario in the middle of an election campaign:

Muslim women shouldn’t be forced to remove their veils to vote in Ontario’s election, Premier Dalton McGuinty said yesterday.

Meanwhile Jack Layton has reversed course and joined with Quebec pure-lines and English rednecks to demand that Elections Canada start reading stuff that the four Federal political parties didn't bother to put into their voting legislation, into their voting legislation.

Sell your soul for Outremont, would you Jack?

PS. John Tory showed a touch of class on this one, too. See the first link.


tdwebste said...

Illiterate people who don't read are confusing the requirements of a free election and public security.

Public security requires that people are identifiable from a distance. This insures that criminals cannot commit a crime anonymously. The ability to record a persons identity instantly insures an accountability for their actions.

However in a free election it important that a person's vote is not traceable back to them. It is also equally important that each person only votes once. So in fact it is not desirable to record someone's picture when they vote. The photo id simply insures the same person does not attempt to vote under another name. However a photo id is not a requirement. In undeveloped countries where photo id is uncommon it is easy to ensure that each person only votes once by dipping their thumb in a dye which cannot be removed for several days.

Anonymous said...

Hence the name "Say Anything Jack" - he's done it again

Anonymous said...

Taliban Jack did that?

Ti-Guy said...

It's like Jack and Steve are trying to out-cretin each other.

Unknown said...

No "suck" for Dion?
“We do believe that when they are casting a vote in elections, Canadian citizens have a responsibility to fully reveal their identities. For this reason, we would ask Elections Canada to reconsider its decision, and to require veiled women to unveil their faces to confirm their identities,” he said.
Maybe you'd like to take this opportunity to call Dion a "cretin", ti-guy.

bigcitylib said...


I gave Dion a thumbs down in a previous post. Layton's position is worse, it seems, because earlier reports had him taking a brave stance, and then (IMHO) he remembered the Que. by elections and NDP chances there and thought: I shall now pander.

Ti-Guy said...

Maybe you'd like to take this opportunity to call Dion a "cretin", ti-guy.

Never! Dion is my God!!!


I actually expect better from the NDP (not practical politics, mind), which is why, when it does something like this, it's even more reprehensible.

Unknown said...

"Sucks" to me for not seeing your previous post!

Anonymous said...

So tim, you're advocating that all veiled Muslim women must be immediately unveiled for public security?

Anonymous said...

Selective again folks - Dion said that a woman elections officer should see the voter's face, do the ID thing etc.

Pretty simple - covers it all so to speak - no one paying attention here?

Ti-Guy said...

ti-guy, we always knew you were a fundamental extremist religious freak, with Dion as your god.

Who's we here? You and steady girlfriend, Rose E. Palm?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that masturbation is always your first thought, ti-guy?