Friday, September 28, 2007

Yo Noel Sheppard! Consult A Thesaurus!

Noel Sheppard is an economist, business owner, and the Associate Editor of NewsBusters, an Exxon-funded right wing Nuze source devoted to "exposing and combating Liberal Media Bias". He also has an extremely limited vocabulary. A few excerpts from his many postings on environmental and other issues:

How disgraceful.

One of the most disgraceful assertions from global warming alarmists such as soon-to-be-Nobel Laureate Al Gore is that a scientific consensus exists concerning man's role in climate change.

How disgraceful.

How disgraceful.

As NewsBusters reported Saturday, the Associated Press published an unbelievably disgraceful article about global warming induced sea level rises supposedly destined to wipe out large amounts of American coastal communities in the next 100 years.

However, coming exactly two weeks after the Times published MoveOn's disgraceful "General Betray Us" ad, conservatives around the country better be prepared for these kinds of attacks during this election cycle.

Fortunately, unlike American media which typically only quote alarmists in such reports -- much as the Associated Press disgracefully did Saturday -- the Times cited people who were actually concerned about biofuels:

If you thought the controversy over MoveOn's disgraceful "General Betray Us" ad was going away any time soon, think

Here's one where he uses it twice in the same posting!

Unbelievably Disgraceful Global Warming Hysteria by the AP
After ABC News published a disgraceful photo essay featuring computer generated pictures of drowned American cities at its website last Friday, followed by NBC News reporting Monday that Greenland's ice sheets are melting so quickly that it "could ignite worldwide disaster," the Associated Press on Saturday cautioned that "In about a century, some of the places that make America what it is may be slowly erased."

What follows are some of Garofalo's most disgraceful utterances Friday evening in chronological order (video available here courtesy of our friend Ms Underestimated):

Time's Joe Klein is unhappy with Matt Drudge, and thinks he's a disgrace.

Here's another twofer!

Disgraceful Global Warming Hysteria at NBC: ‘Meltdown in Greenland’
Alas, the really disgraceful hysteria was yet to come:

NewsBusters reported Sunday that infamous netrooter Jane Hamsher lambasted Elizabeth Edwards, the wife of Democrat presidential candidate John Edwards, for having the nerve to come down on MoveOn's disgraceful "General Betray Us" ad.

Holy crap, Noel! Your English skills are disgraceful! Could you not try changing it up occasionally with equivalent terms like "shameful!" or "scandalous!"? If these are too hard for your readers, you could perhaps include a glossary on the newsbusters website.

In any case, nobody will take you seriously until you learn to sling a little classier brand of abuse.

Just trying to help.



Anonymous said...

Hey, Big Shit, leave the heavy thinking to others, you're embarrassing yourself.

Anonymous said...

You'd almost think he had a career with Fox news. They rabbit on like a one-note samba.

900ft Jesus said...

ok, it's late, Friday, been a long week, so here goes: His use of language is disgraceful! (please forgive me)

Ti-Guy said...

I've said that the wingnuts, having exhausted the vocabulary of run-of-the mill high dudgeon, need to start using more explicit language:

Unbelievably Disgraceful Global Warming Hysteria by the AP

..needs to become..

Unbelievably pedophilic Global Warming Hysteria by the AP.


Unbelievably felching Global Warming Hysteria by the AP


Unbelievably This-is-Kate-McMillan's-Clitoris Global Warming Hysteria by the AP