Sunday, May 18, 2008

And I Are On That List

I've already told the tale of how I weaseled my way onto the latest incarnation of the Oregon Petition in this post. It was easy. I read a couple of papers on glaciology, made up a bunch of sciency sounding nonsense in a letter I wrote Dr. Arthur Robinson, and bingo! in a couple of weeks was sent a copy of the petition, which I then signed and mailed back.

Well, the new version of the petition will be published on Monday and, unless my copy went astray in the mail, I expect to have joined 31,000 other scientists in "rejecting claims of human-caused global warming".

Obviously, I did not use my real name on the petition. I won't give the name I actually did use, but here's a hint: I stayed away from my usual favorites. So, no Dr. Eric Von Dickenstein. And no Haywood J. Blome. I also did not sign the petition as Professor P.P. Weiner, because Professor P.P. is actually real, and in fact edited several volumes on Canada's nuclear weapons policy (along with J.M. Careless!) back in the 1980s.

For I would not wish to sully Mr. Weiner's reputation by associating him with such a low endeavour as the Oregon Petition.

Update: It appears I made the list. I signed the card "Michael F. Murphy" (real name Michael J.) and there indeed is one such on the petition. On the other hand, I don't recall adding "MD" after my name, or anything for that matter, but my handwriting is notoriously horrible and they may have misinterpreted a flourish. (note: the "X" I write on the petition in the original post was done on a photocopy created for the purpose.)

Further Update: I am attempting to confirm with the Oregon Institute that the signature is indeed my own.

Update to Further Update: Alas, the Michael F. Murphy on the petition is not my signature, according to A.B. Robinson. So I suppose for total accuracy's sake I should say that I was invited to sign the petition, though my name did not appear on the final list. I wondered if something had gone wrong with the letter containing my petition card when the further cards I asked for did not arrive. I would assume the postie who got assigned my mail was unable to read my handwriting.

But not to worry. You can be your own fake scientist. The Oregon Institute has put their petition online here, though you still have to send it back to them snail-mail Be sure to tell them what your "specialized scientific experience" is.

As for me, I'll be trying again to make it on the next go round.

(And of course my main point still holds: You sign your name to the petition, tell what your degree is supposed to be in, and mail the petition in. That's the entire extent of the screening.)


The Mound of Sound said...

Good one!

Anonymous said...

You should sign up to be "scientist" # 2501 in the IPCC list of "climate experts"

Seems you are perfectly qualified.

So how many years of cooling does it take before you give up your AGW religion ? We're on year 11 now, maybe by 15 ? Or 20 ?

You can believe in the WarMonger's models or the empirical data, but not both.

Ti-Guy said...

We're on year 11 now, maybe by 15 ? Or 20 ?

You mean you denialists aren't even sure of the basic counter-facts of the counter-factual reality you've created to assert your denialism?

I knew this was going to happen. The irrationals can't even keep their own pseudo-science straight anymore.

FIY: We're in year 4 billion of global cooling. You're welcome.

bigcitylib said...


Well, I don't use a spraycan. Are they good?

Dante said...

Well, I don't use a spraycan. Are they good?
Stick with Pam in a paper bag.

Dano said...

Shorter scopalamine97:

waaaaaaaah! Busted! Waaaaaah!



Unknown said...

We're waiting on pins and needles here!! Did you succeed in signing?

cchris said...

OISM relies on the honor system, trusting that people will tell the truth about whether they're qualified to sign the petition.

BCL looked up "honor system" in the dictionary, decided it's a concept that doesn't apply to liberals, and lied.

Just another dog-bites-man story.

John Cross said...

Dano: Good to see you around these parts!

Chris: The honor systems is not a large part of science. However more importantly, an argument about the honor system in regards to the OISM would carry more weight if they actually fessed up to some of the worst errors in their first OISM document.


Marion Delgado said...

Hey, bigcity lib

I used to translate scientific papers from Russian and German, including upper atmospheric physics and glaciology and permafrost.

The next time you want to be an expert, let me know, and i can lit search for something in russian, say, to bolster it and send you a short translation. :)


p.s. I used to know KM who's now at mcleans, one reason I follow your blog.

Marion Delgado said...

that should have been KO'M :)

Marion Delgado said...

ti-guy is technically correct. as long as he's not relying on Lord Kelvin.

bigcitylib said...

Marion, a very kind offer that I may take you up on.

Yeah, I like KO'M in that she has an actual reporter's work ethic and goes and hangs out at all the parliamentary goings on. Wells and Coyne are good, but they're basically middle age farts who would rather sit back in a chair and contemplate the big picture. One day soon, I swear, Wells will start bitching about his prostrate.

I'm supposed to email her to go out for a pint next time I'm in Ottawa. I actually have permission to call the "the blonde blogging wonderbabe".

wallofcheese said...

What's funny is:

1. The OISM petition lists Michael F. Murphy as being in PA

2. A standard tool to find doctors for medical professionals is to use UPIN lookup by Ecare. While it reveals a doctor named Michael F. Murphy in NY, there are, alas, no doctors named Michael Murphy AT ALL in Pennsylvania.

Play for yourself. It's fun!

Platty said...

Honor system abuser, BigCityLib, aka Michael J. Murphy of Toronto reports that he in fact did NOT make the list. By his own admission he lied about his background and falsified documents to try to have his name added, but apparently the petition screening process found his deception and denied his application. But he says he’ll keep trying and encourages others to lie and falsify documents such as he has.

Your family must be so proud of you....


Mambo Bananapatch said...

Actually, platty, his family thinks he's a piano player in a whorehouse. They'd be really ashamed if they knew what he really did.

Unknown said...

Wallofcheese, you're right. The Pennsylvania Medical Board website has Michael F. Murphy listed in Nichols, NY, which happens to be just across the Pennsylvania border (according to Google maps). It appears he had a PA medical license and practiced in PA.

bigcitylib said...


You're link leads nowhere. And I think the point is if the folks at the Oregon Petition have to waste brain cells debating someone who goes by the name of "BigCityLib" real scientists can move on to more important things.

DrD said...

I've worked in a scientific field for many years now and have gained some familiarity with the scientific method. I must admit, however, that until now I had never encountered "sabotage the efforts of your critics" as being a part of that scientific method.
john cross: "The honor system is not a large part of science." That statement doesn't surprise me coming from you. But on the contrary the highest standards of ethics and integrity are critical to science.
If I had a pet theory and were confident in its validity, I would allow my critics to complete their work and then critique their results. That's good science. Deliberately sabotaging or attempting to sabotage a rival's work is the mark of a coward who lacks the confidence in his theory to let it stand or fall on its own merits, and is fundamentally anti-scientific.

bi -- International Journal of Inactivism said...


Sorry, but testing the integrity of a system which claims to be water-tight isn't "sabotage".

What does it mean to let the OISM "complete their work" anyway? Are we supposed to just wait forever for OISM to declare that they'll no longer be accepting signatures or what?

-- bi, International Journal of Inactivism

Ti-Guy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ti-Guy said...

I see KKKate's trailer trash has descended upon your blog.

Don't you people have squirrel-shooting practice this morning or something?

bi -- International Journal of Inactivism said...

I've come to the conclusion that the Oregan Petition is actually unverifiable and unfalsifiable.

-- bi, International Journal of Inactivism

Anonymous said...

So, you admit you lied, and you got screened out, and did not make the petition. What was it you were trying to prove? That they do in fact screen out people's whose credentials are not legitimate?

Who's side are you on again?

KEvron said...

swell prank, bcl! wish i had that kind of spunk and imagination (although one tine, during the last week of my senior year in highschool, while sitting in the quad after my spanish final, i did spontaneously queue up with the freshmen who were having their pictures taken for the next year's yearbook. gave my first name as "stu"!). i might just follow your lead on this one; i love a good inside gag. do you think "dr. rollo tomasi" would escape their radar?


KEvron said...

"I've worked in a scientific field for many years now and have gained some familiarity with the scientific method."

since when does arbitrarily signing a petition qualify as "scientific method", perfesser phoney?


wallofcheese said...


While your links don't actually work, I used the main PA medical board site and found the info I think you're referring to. I find it odd that Michael F. Murphy, M.D., who lives in Nichols, NY, and hasn't practiced in PA since 1998 (when his license expired) would list himself on the Oregon Petitions as based in PA (especially when coupled with the fact that no Michael Murphys (of any middle initial) are listed as practicing in PA when doing a search on

So he neither lives nor practices in PA but listed himself on the petition as residing there? Color me skeptical.

Details from your PA Med Board link:
Address Information
Address(city state zipcode): NICHOLS NY 13812-3722
License Information

Type: Medical Physician and Surgeon Secondary Type: Number: MD048611L

Profession: Medicine Status: Expired

Issue Date: 12/23/1992
Expires: 12/31/2000
Last Renewed: 12/3/1998

bigcitylib said...

I think Rollo Tomasi would work. Tell them you study glaciology.

Anonymous said...

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