Wednesday, May 28, 2008

At Least He Won't Go Blind

OTTAWA–A provocative movie about the sex lives of young people is too hot for some Conservatives to handle – and a parliamentary staffer has been fired for ordering tickets to a special screening.

Word is, all staff exposure to issues re sexuality will be funneled exclusively through sanctioned Conservative Party sources, which is to say Maxine Bernier's new duties will now include teaching Tory MPs and aides about the dangerous world that lies beneath a woman's petticoats. No word on whether he will demonstrate "The Venus Butterfly".

Bernier Explains His


Ti-Guy said...

Wasn't the "Venus Butterfly" featured first on the teevee series Mary Harman, Mary Hartman? I seem to remember a plotline that centred around a mystifying sexual technique, although its name might have been different.

bigcitylib said...

NYPD Blue is the first I've heard of.

Niles said...

I seem to recall it was a running thread on LA Law the tv series back ahem a few years ago. The short unimposing male lawyer of the firm had sekrit mad skillz in it.

But back in Canada, it's nice to know McVety has the Conservative party firmly by their collective...spines. What a bunch of repressed losers. Canada is back! ...In the time of Magdalene Hells and residential schools, I presume.