Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pearson's Defense Minister: UFOs Have Shot Down American Fighter Planes

Paul Hellyer kicks off the fourth annual Exo-Politics Institutes X-Fest with a blistering speech re exposing the UFO conspiracy.

I wish I were in a mood for good humour, but I am not. We are hell-bent in the direction of destroying our planet, and we appear to be doing precious little about it. Decades ago visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed, and offered to help. But instead, we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions afterward. The inevitable result was that some of our planes were lost; but how many were due to retaliation, and how many were a result of our own stupidity is a moot point.

It would be even more hilarious if he was an ex-Tory minister but, unfortunately, Hellyer's a Pearson era Defense Minister, and this is his second appearance at X-Fest.

For more on the Exo-Politics Institute, which funds X-Fest, try this, or check out their website.

For more on the "exo-politics" promoted by Paul and the gang, especially in its Canadian context, see this post in which Exo Politics Toronto PR guy Victor Viggiani asks Excellency Governor General of Canada Michaëlle Jean to come clean re the cover-up.

She tells him to take his concerns to CSIS.

Update: Ti-guy notes that Hellyer was Defense Minister for Pearson, not Trudeau, as the post originally stated.


philosoraptor said...

I find his beliefs at least physically *feasible* when compared to the wacky supernatural religious beliefs that are held by some of the CPC upper brass. I think they should be careful about making jokes here.

Ti-Guy said...

Hellyer was defense minister in Pearson's cabinet. He didn't last long in Trudeau's cabinet.

How can we explain this stuff? Dotage? Is that all it is?

bigcitylib said...

Probably dotage.

As for physically feasible, one solution to Fermi's paradox (where are all the aliens?) is that they are already here.

That said, its probably dotage.

Ti-Guy said...

I'm currently reading Susan Jacoby's The Age of American Unreason and it's really fascinating in light of all this weirdness we're being exposed to.

Just throwing that out because I'm at a loss as to explain all these apparently normal people taking fantasy, speculation and escapism so seriously...singularities, End Times and The Matrix. Those used to be entertaining. Now they're just creeping me out.

Reality Bites said...

Well let's remember that while he started as a Liberal, he next stop on the road to dotage was as a Conservative, where, according to wikipedia, "Hellyer contested the PC leadership convention of 1976. His views were too right wing for most delegates, and alienated many Tories with a speech attacking Red Tories as not being "true conservatives".

Mark Richard Francis said...

Stockwell Day still freaks me out more than Hellyer.

bigcitylib said...

Stockwell Day will be piloting the saucer that takes Hellyer to heaven.

Stephen said...

One of these exopolitics characters wrote a letter to the National Post last week that said this in part:

The recently released French and Brazilian UFO files further demonstrate that other governments are willing to acknowledge that over 10% of all sighting reports cannot be explained.

More significantly, the fuel sources used to propel UFOs must be a clean, plentiful and, yes, free energy source derived from the quantum vacuum of space. Extraterrestrial civilizations that have perfected this type of energy system are clearly visiting us.

'Clearly,' indeed.

If the governments can't explain ten percent of sightings, then flying saucers clearly must be visiting us; and if they are visiting us, their fuel source must logically be clean, plentiful and free.

It all follows so logically: if governments can't explain something, that something must be a friendly spacecraft powered by the philosopher's stone of energy sources.

Niles said...

UFO visitations pick up where angelic visitations leave off. That's been sagely observed since the 'scientific age' UFO crazes started. Those unwilling to be 'saved' by a religious explanation of a superior being are often still vulnerable to a 'rational' superior being as savior argument.

I plowed through all of the Von Daniken books/tv hype back in the day and while my take-away was 'wow, I never knew all these archeological sites existed, kewl' and went off into history as an awakening, many others swallowed the 'external forces must be responsible because primitive humanity couldn't possibly be that SMRT' which matches up with the anxieties of those decades as being...well...what the anxieties are NOW. Planetary destruction through zealous war with planetbuster bombs AND/OR environmental destruction. An insta-saviour of unimaginable '' power has got allure for some reason. The expressions of the UFO believers, including the former fed politician adress real fears. If we really, actually decided to 'get'er done' instead of vacillating about how anything our nation enacts is useless so let's do nothing, I suspect a lot of proponents of this belief would shed off into other projects.

After all, if the aliens really were out there? Our totalitarian elements would be using them as the biggest OTHER to unite us all into one big fear-ball of submission to defend the planet against foreign intervention interstellar liberalism. On the flip side, taking a tactic from the desperate re-write at Marvel comics right now to fix their storylines, I suspect a lot of Americans would be relieved to find out Bush and Cheney were shapeshifting imposter alien Skrulls.

The fact the government of the 'sole' superpower is abusing its governmental privileges to cover smoking cat litter by the tonne doesn't exactly allay anxieties about power-elite conspiracies -- and the fact our government is kissing said superpower buttcurve just ramps up our own alienated anxietors. The line between real conspiracies and fabulous ones is pretty thin right now.